Jan. 24th, 2009

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"That lady over there should be able to help you". "So 27 year old woman...yes next Monday is fine". Lady, Woman. I guess I really am grown up now. Those are two comments made about me in the past week. I'm reminded of the shiteous Britney song "not a girl, not yet a woman". I don't consider myself a girl but isn't woman someone you think of as in their late twenties? Oh riiiiiiiight....... In summary I don't feel my age and my skin is certainly under the impression it is a sulky teenager :-/. However next tuesday is my birthday pushing me even further into the later twenties mark. I've taken the day off (I think your birthday should automatically begiven to you as a free vacation day). I don't really know what to do with myself though. Sitting at home all day seems rather anti climatic. I know I'll be going up to Mam's grave but thats about it. What would you most like to do on you birthday? All ideas gratefully received :)

Barry O and his missus looked so pretty at the ball. The 1st american family. Mind you according to the press over in these parts he's one step away from breaking out the lapel shamrocks and learning how to recite our national anthem (in as gaelige no less). It annoys me that whenever a popular public figure is in the spotlight people begin scrambling to look for the irish connection. For Dubya you never heard of any irish ancestry yet for Obama people in Offaly where hanging out American and Irish flags and wondering if he would pay them a visit. C'mon people its something like his 4th grandfather was born in Ireland and emigrated to the states in the 1800's. He's not irish! Mind you it seems his irish cousins would like to meet him :eyeroll: I think people are determined to compare them to the last truely glamouros 1st family the kennedys hence the irish chat. In relation to any irish comedians making jokes about him there hasn't been anything of note so far. People simply like him too much. Even my beloved Daily Show seems to be grasping at straws (let the wheelchair cheney jokes go I beg of you) although my beloved Jon Stewart is doing his best. In summary I think once he fucks up comedians will leap on it (and fox news too). For now golden boy can do no wrong (biden on the other hand needs to not make impromptu jokes).


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