Jan. 26th, 2009

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Bought the wii fit earlier on this week and I'm a bit meh about it.

Plus points: most of the games are fun and it does encourage you to keep at it by unlocking new games the longer you persist at it. Plus its good to see your actual progress on the graph thingys and the trainers if slightly bland are encouraging. You can password protect your mii and its weight if you don't want prying eyes to see. It also has a scoreboard after each game you do so those of a competitive nature have another incentive to stick with it.

Minus points. When I got weighed on it the first time it immediatly flicked to the obese end of the scale. Now I accept I'm overweight, fine even obese. However the fecking game then started shrieking in that whiny computery voice as if my fatness was crushing the inanimate wii board when it showed I was obese. Thaaaanks for that. Then my mii automatically expanded to reflect my wii weight i.e. My mii is now a round ball with little stumpy hands and feet sticking out the side. Then you come onto how much your clothes weigh. How in the fuck would I know? I don't weigh my clothes. So I guesstimated heavy? So already I know its not going to be an accurate reflection of my weight.

Still though its good to change up my routine and I plan to add it to my dvd workouts and walking.

In other wii news I actually finished a game, for the first time ever! I discovered my favourite genre, point and click mysteries/puzzles games. This one reminded me somewhat of "escape from the crimson room". This game was called "Secret files: operation tunguska". Thing that slightly irritated me was it was based in russia and all the main characters were russian yet all had american accents. That aside it was highly enjoyable.

Now I leave you with a rather funny story. I'm too tired to make it a pretty link but I reccomend reading it if you want a laugh :)


Goodbye 27!


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