Mar. 9th, 2009

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You Are Brave and Cheeky
When You Are Comfortable:

You are a strong person. You're driven and assertive. Success is yours, as much as you want it.
People find you to be clever and spirited. You're a bit saucy too... delightfully so!

When You Are At Your Best:

You are a hard worker. You need security and stability in your life, even if that means putting in long hours.
People see you as solid and dependable. You are always able to see the good in situations. Other find this comforting.

When You Are in a Social Setting:

You are a determined and responsible. You strive for success, and you know what it takes to get things done.
People find you to be trustworthy and a good leader. You treat people well, and they benefit from your wisdom.

All accurate bar the last paragraph.

In other news I have caught the sick (it seems to be going around the interwebs, feel better crowfam and Rhub!) or if you want the technical term a chest and sinus infection according my my doctor. I've never had a sinus infection before, it feels like my forehead has filled up completley with snot and then a paving slab has been placed on top. It goes nicely witht he paving slab on my chest. Not. Bring on the my favourite sickie food, mashed potato with realy butter. Mmmm
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I found a plus side of being sick, more time to surf the interwebs. What?! I have a fleecey blanket wrapped around me and am in my pj's its the new book people. Anyways speaking of books I have been devouring India Knights "The Thrifty Book". I can't get enough of it, its packed with humour, plus many many web addresses of crafty/money saving/recipe/beauty on a budget etc sites. I am slowly working my way through them. Plus she also makes a clear difference between mean people and thrifty people which I love. In the spirit of her book I have decided to try the crafty thing again. Now I am not a crafty by nature person. Think of me if you will as Chandler in friends. Remember that episode where he and Monica had to make each other valentines presents? And he bent a metal hanger and thoughtfully stared at it? Yeah thats me. Even my dear Mam admitted that I wasn't the crafty type after trying many (many) times to patiently teach me how to hem trousers. She was a professional seamstress before she married my Dad. She was a marvel at adjusting clothes etc. Clearly I do not take after her in this respect. I did try to hem a pair of trousers last week. It took me three hours and a brief crying fit after stabbing myself repeatedly with the needle (those fuckers hurt). They are hemmed I guess but don't look to close at them.

Anyway back to developing my lameo craftiness. I looked up a few crochet clips on you tube (I am so slow, before India pointed out that there are tons of free how to clips on you tube, the most I ever looked up on it was star trek fanatic music vids)and they seem very simple. Best of all they are free and I can play them over and over again til I take it in! I know how to do a basic knit stitch and so can knit a scarf, hopefully with my soon to be mad crochet skillz (ha!)I can cobble together a few blankets? You know where this is going don't you? Oh yeah I'm talking xmas gifts 09!!!! Ahem. Oh Oh plus I have found a fairly simple looking but impressive gift which even I can make (I think). When I was a kid I used to spend weekends at my Uncle and Aunts house. They are keen gardeners and their gardens are beeeeeautiful. Plus as if that isn't enough they also love the whole indoor plant thing. I remember they had this huge clear glass bottle/bowl/jug thing with a miniture garden inside it. I was fascinated by it, it was so fancy but you didn't have to do anything to it (my type of gardening). So while looking up xmas gift ideas I happened across this site: which tells you about slapping an oul plant in a bottle. This is genius, all I need to do is slap a ribbon on it and voila! A present that even my black fingers can manage.

Yeeeeees if I get started now I may have the cheapest (or thriftiest) xmas ever!


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