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Silly question but if everyone in the world was to turn vegan what would we do with all the cows/pigs/sheep etc.? I mean they're a little too big to keep as house pets.....

Oh I passed my latest round of exams, woot! 3 down and one more lot to go before I get my diploma. Still puzzling over whether or not to do the degree. Still no closer to making a decision.

I miss friendboy, I know I was the one who deleted him as a friend on bookface/msn after the whole "your stupid" thing but I miss his sarcastic wit and his kind hearted but inept ways at cheering me up. Maybe it's male company I miss?

Speaking of male company I heard from Al he of ex fiance fame. He gave up the chef career and now has a BA in English and is teaching part time. He plans on emigrating to Bangkok in 2.5 months to teach English. Craziness. He asked me to meet for coffee and a chat but I'm on the fence on this, I don't really feel as if there is anything for me to gain by doing this.

Manchild (he of the age difference) is emigrating to Oz in April so I guess there goes the whole someone crushing on me. A little boo but if this is what he wants then I'm happy for him.

A very belated happy birthday to the lovely crowjoy, I know you'll rock 41 just as much as you did 40, knowing you probably more :-)

Date: 2009-01-30 11:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
FWIW? When my Significant Ex asked me to meet up for coffee? He broke my heart all over again and left me in a bad way with the things he said.

I wouldn't do it if I were you.

Although I know the curiosity is a killer.

Date: 2009-02-02 02:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Another chiming in on the "coffee with the ex is a bad idea" front. My ex fiance asked me for coffee once after we were both with new people, and I thought "Hey maybe we really can be friends". Turns out he wanted to first try to get me back, and failing that, tell me what a stupid idiot I was and how I was "making the same mistakes over and over again", and how I'd never be happy, etc. I ended up just telling him off and walked home FUMING and wishing I'd never agreed in the first place. But OBVIOUSLY there was already bad blood there. Don't know about your particular situation.

On the vegan thing... I've thought about that too (I've been veg since I was 13), and have come to the conclusion that they would all end up dying anyway, so what I would prefer is that people bought from farmed, free-range, "care about their animals" type places, and that what I'm REALLY, SUPER, HARDCORE against is mass production of uncared-for animals for slaughter. I see that it's unrealistic for everyone not to eat meat (and in the long run might be worse for these animals), and that it's much more realistic to expect people to eat meat responsibly. I would love for no one to eat meat, but that's unrealistic.


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