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Mmmm pancake tuesday how do I love thee....

Although pancake has different meanings. A pancake to me is a deliciously light thin crispy at the edges piece of heaven, the object is to barely coat the surface of the frying pan with the lightest of batter. This does not make it a crepe!! A pancake to others is a more doughy cakey concoction. Some even buy those prepackaged just add milk/water and shake malarkies. No no no. I suppose its all about what you grew up eating, if you ate the doughy cake thing then of course its going to be preferable to my delicious version.

My preferred way of adorning my crispy piece of heaven is once you have flipped your pancake place three squares of fine quality chocolate (cadburys in a pinch)on one side then flip the other side over omlette style and place this deliciousness gently on a plate. Then to top it off pour golden syrup (not maple, much as I love it I feel it clashes with the chocolate gooeyness, if you want maple syrup may I suggest serving it alongside some fine quality vanilla ice cream with crushed pecan nuts sprinkled on top) on top of this and devour immediately (ha like your gonna wait). Owning to the decadence of this gorgeousness I can only manage two at a time before the sugar ehadache starts (and my arteries close) but I encourage you to try for lucky number three!

Which brings me to lent, now I usually give up something every year with the exception of 2007. So I put it to you, gentle lovely sweet nice reader what should I give up? Sweets, Chocolate, crisps, oxo cubes (sob) or somkething of your own making? I'll go with the majority (and will quite possible cuss you out here as the withdrawal symptoms kick in)

*Sweet cake in Irish, I don't like the bastardised Pancog!
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