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Happy Birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to meeeeeeee-eeeeee, Happy birthday to meeeee.

Thats the noise of my inner voice today. Surprisingly it was a fairly good birthday. It was helped I think from the build up of it.

Thursday a bank brought me and boss lady out for lunch. It was nice but awkward as we didn't have much in common with the dealers so there was awkward pauses. Boss lady and I scarpered then decided instead of going back to work why don't we just go to the pub instead. In fairness we would have only been back in work for half an hour before we could go home but still, yay for having a boss the same age as me. We got to know each other a bit better, she told me about her diasturous love life and I told her about mine. We got to meet some people from the job that we only ever talked to on the phone. It was a good night. Friday some of the work crowd went for dinner for my birthday. This is huge in my book. The biggest difference I've noticed between new job and old job is that in new job nobody likes to hang out after office hours. Fair enough I guess and in old job we probably hung out too much after work but I think you get to your co workers better with a little outside office socialising. That was cool and we all got on really well.

Saturday rolls around and off I go hideously early for an eye test. While there I decide seeing as its my birthday weekend I should really treat myself to those prada glasses I've been lusting over for months (I'm the Imelda Marcos of the glasses world shhh). While I'm waiting on glasses to be done I decide seeing as I'm in town why not do a little shopping. This is a new experiance for me. As I work in town I seldom go in at the weekends as if I need to pick anything up I can do it on my lunch hour. As a result I rush and it's only enough time for essential items. The luxury of having time to wander around did not do anything good for my bank balance. I came out with a pair of gorgeous knee length black leather boots, two pairs of jeans, three dresses, underwear, two tops, some fishnet stockings and a new book. Then I lugged all that back to pick up my beautiful new glasses. Off home to realx for a few hours then time to get ready for a night out. Myself Shiv and Nat headed to TGI's for food and lotsa cocktails. Actually Nat was the dessie driver so she was on the dry. Anyways dessert rolls round and imagine my surprise when the staff come over with a birthday cake for me. Yay! After that we headed to a club where we chatted and boogied around. I got chatted up by a group of guys and although nothing came of it, it was still a nice ego boost (at least I don't look old!). Oh I got a gorgeous ipod nano off Shiv and Nat says she has something for me too. Yay for great friends.

The best thing of all though was a card I got from Dad. A bit of back story, my mam always got me a card for my birthday, I have them all saved up. She was always great at remembering peoples birthdays and anniverseries and all that sort of stuff. I was pretty upset this year because there would be no more cards from her. I just accepted it. Dad and I are crap at cards and gift giving so neither of us expects much from the other. However Dad took the time to buy a card and sign it. It really touched me. I have it on my bedside table. Its nothing fancy but the inscription inside makes me happy. "From the one and only, your Da". So although there were sad tears at missing her terribley, there were also happy smiles of feeling loved by my family and friends.
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I just realised this Sunday is the last Sunday I will be 26. I've come to the conclusion that it's not so much my birthday I dislike but endings. Its rather like a great movie. Although you enjoy the ending you can't help wishing it would go on forever because your just enjoying being in the present so much watching it. I'm not a fan of change, never have been and I don't want to be 27. When I was 26 my Mam was still alive. When I turn 27 she won't be there to give me my birthday card. Or for that matter to remind my Dad it's my birthday. Both of us are so crap at remembering dates it was Mam who always gave us the nudge that it was so and so's birthday and did we want to get a present. Sigh. Popular belief says it take a year and a day to grieve for someone. That way all the first anniverseries are over with. It dosen't mention just how sucky it is having to go through the anniverseries though.

In Dad news he went to the Doctor after I made the appointment for him (he wasn't happy about that) and the Doctor told him he must cut out alcohol, that the pain in his stomach and chest he's getting is from that. He also put him on daily medication which when I google the name of says it's for treatment of "reflux oesophagitis, duodenal and benign gastric ulcers, including those complicating NSAID therapy. Healing and prophylaxis of NSAID-associated benign gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers. H. pylori eradication in peptic ulcer disease. Prophylaxis of acid aspiration. Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome."* Lovely. He also told Dad he wanted him to go for some blood tests. Dad refused point blank to go to the hospital so the Doc said he would do the blood draw in the surgery. It was the same Doctor that treated Mam. He drew bloods from her too. I'd be lying if I said the paralells didn't make me extremely uneasy. I think Dad feels the same. He came home in a rage saying no Doctor was going to tell him what to do especially one whos only half his age (yes he has problems taking advice from young'ns). I calmed him down saying we'd see how the ground lies when he gets the results of the blood test back. I also pointed out it was nearly ten years since he had gone for a checkup and it might not be such a bad idea for the Doc to be a little more thourogh then he would be for a usual annual checkup. I managed to calm him down enough that he rang the surgery and confirmed he would be in for the blood test on Tuesday. So thats the first hurdle out of the way. I am probably overreacting but I am slooowly starting to freak the fuck out on the inside.

*yes Dr. Google is not my friend, I don't take stuff from the interweb as gospel.


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