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Mmmm pancake tuesday how do I love thee....

Although pancake has different meanings. A pancake to me is a deliciously light thin crispy at the edges piece of heaven, the object is to barely coat the surface of the frying pan with the lightest of batter. This does not make it a crepe!! A pancake to others is a more doughy cakey concoction. Some even buy those prepackaged just add milk/water and shake malarkies. No no no. I suppose its all about what you grew up eating, if you ate the doughy cake thing then of course its going to be preferable to my delicious version.

My preferred way of adorning my crispy piece of heaven is once you have flipped your pancake place three squares of fine quality chocolate (cadburys in a pinch)on one side then flip the other side over omlette style and place this deliciousness gently on a plate. Then to top it off pour golden syrup (not maple, much as I love it I feel it clashes with the chocolate gooeyness, if you want maple syrup may I suggest serving it alongside some fine quality vanilla ice cream with crushed pecan nuts sprinkled on top) on top of this and devour immediately (ha like your gonna wait). Owning to the decadence of this gorgeousness I can only manage two at a time before the sugar ehadache starts (and my arteries close) but I encourage you to try for lucky number three!

Which brings me to lent, now I usually give up something every year with the exception of 2007. So I put it to you, gentle lovely sweet nice reader what should I give up? Sweets, Chocolate, crisps, oxo cubes (sob) or somkething of your own making? I'll go with the majority (and will quite possible cuss you out here as the withdrawal symptoms kick in)

*Sweet cake in Irish, I don't like the bastardised Pancog!
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I may be stressed this week with exams however my diet certainly hasn't suffered. When I'm off I tend to make a bit more time to cook. And on exam week its all about the comfort food. So far I've worked my way through baked potatoes with barbecue beans, a crisp salad with homemade croutons, crispy bacon and ceaser salad dressing, root veg soup, Mam's version of a stew recipe, roast chicken with all the trimmings and my favourite today shepards pie. It's bubbling away in the oven as I type. However lest you think its all rich delicious food I have been downing copious amounts of my favourite salad as a snack, roasted red pepper, broccoli and pinenut salad with a garlic-giner soy dressing.


Haven't had a chance to download the firewall stuff in the last post but I will as soon as dinners eaten!


Nov. 19th, 2008 08:51 pm
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Mmmm soup. As I am brokeity broke broke (I was looking under the sofa for train fare for tommorow no joke) I have been systematically clearing our freezer of frozen veg and making soup. Although they have all been yummy tonights was a success with my anti soup father asking for seconds. So here it is my velvety smooth curried potato and cauliflower soup

Half a medium head of caulflower chopped roughly
3 medium potatoes peeled and chopped roughly
1 fat clove of garlic chopped roughly
2 level teaspoons hot curry powder (more or less depending on your spicy level)
1 teaspoon tumeric (optional)
1 pint of veggie stock
half a cup of low fat milk
salt and white pepper to taste

Add everything to a large pot bar the milk and cook until soft. When cooked take out two large ladelfuls of the stock and set aside. Blenderise the veg and remaining stock until smooth. If it is too thick add a little of the stock. Transfer soup back into the large pot and add the milk. Stir well and heat gently until steaming.


I've been keeping the stock set aside and using it for the next nights soup. I think tommorrow will be carrot and potato. Mmmmm....
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Cootie test came back clean. Yay! It's such a weight off my mind. I stocked up on condoms and found a rather handy space in my wallet I can wedge one into. Not saying I am going to get lucky (or want to) but it makes me feel more...responsible I guess to carry one around. Plus if my friends are in need well I can supply them :)

On to other things

Skin )

Oh and and and I got a bento box! Wheeeee! It was on sale and got a band thingy to put around it and some little containers. I can't wait to start creating pretty lunches!
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I like cookery shows. Whats not to like? Its a treat for the eyes without paying for it on the waist. However I often wonder if this is the prime goal of these shows. I can't imagine ever actually making anything from these shows. Getting ideas yes. Before the invention of the internets though who actually spent their time furiously scribbling down recipes as whatever perky chef assured their viewers that this recipe couldn't be simpler.

They do that a lot even now don't they? This recipe couldn't be simpler. All you need is evaporated milk, kaffir lime leaves, chinese clear honey, the womb of a virgin...etc. I often wonder if on a Sunday morning the chefs on tv would recoil in horror if they saw me in my hungover state deciding what to eat for breakfast. Blearily gazing into the fridge through fingermarked glass lenses, wanting something salty, sweet and fattening and ultimately deciding streaky hickory smoked bacon fried until crisp followed by a bar of cadburys finest is the breakfast of champions.

Ho Hum back to the cookery shows....
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I don't post very much about my weight loss efforts. To me it dosen't make very interesting reading, its basically eat less move more said in several different ways. It is working though. Slowly but surely. We talked about veggies in last week class or more specifically how often we manage to get our five a day. I decided to do a little experiment and have a few non meat days. It's gone pretty well bar a few bits and pieces and my last non meat day is tommorow before class on wednesday. It makes four out of seven days without meat. I have found though that I crave carbs more when I am on a non meat day. Its strange because usually I'm not a huge fan of bread, rice etc. I like them but eat a normal size portion often leaving some. On non meat days though especially the first two I could feel my mouth watering when a colleauge tucked into her toast. I've found upping my protein curbs this. So I have been tucking into pulses and grains. I just make a yummy salad for tommorow. Am posting it so I don't forget it!

Asian type salad:

one carrot peeled
one spring onion/shallot
handful of mangetout
handful of broccoli florets
small tin chickpeas

Soy Sauce
Balsamic and white wine vinegar
chilli flakes
sesame oil
seasme seeds
teaspoon sugar
half a lime juiced

Add the broccoli and mangetout to boiling water and cook for 1.5 mins. When this is up plunge them into icy cold water. While they are cooling drain your chickpeas, peel and grate your carrot and finely slice your spring onion including the green bits. Add everything to a decent sized bowl. Combine dressing ingredients in another bowl and whisk until smooth. Pour over the veggies and mix well. Let stand preferabely overnight. Give a quick stir at some point.

Yeah its not real specific I know. The dressing is very much to your own taste. I like mine quite sweet but those of a more savoury palate could maybe omit the sugar? For the garlic and ginger I cheat and have those squeezey tubes. I also like the sweet sour undertone of the balsamic vinegar but if you have rice vinegar it would probably work even better.

It ticks all the boxes though. Four portions of veggies and a decent serving of protein in the chickpeas. Yum :)

Grubs up

Nov. 25th, 2007 03:04 pm
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Heh am watching Rick Steins food heros at the moment and he's doing food heros of his in Ireland. Is it a bit sad that most of the food he considers typically irish is food that I haaaate?

Corned beef with cabbage (I know its not traditional but try telling my family that)
Drisheen (lamb blood sausage).
Tripe in white sauce.
Coddle (boiled sausages, *shudder*)
Soda farls.
Black pudding.

On the other hand there are a few I like
Potato soup
Stew (I prefer beef to lamb)
soda bread
beef and guinness pie
Spiced beef

Hmmmm maybe irish food isn't as dire as I thought. All the same to a foodie like me I am so glad we are a more cosmopolitan nation then fifty years ago. One amusing thing at the end of the programme, Rick goes on a mini rant about how when he was in a irish hotel looking at the menu he saw instead of stew and other irish food they had kanagaroo steak with a peach sauce and why weren't the irish showing off what sort of food they had. Because dear Rick we can make stew, potato soup, colcannon etc at home. Shocking as it sounds when we go to resteraunt we might acutally like to try something different. :)


Sep. 17th, 2007 09:04 pm
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Didn't Helen Mirren look faaab at the emmys! I hope I look that good later on in life.

Annyways I am posting this from the comfort of my brand new couch. Its as gorgeously indulgant to lounge on as I thought it would be and not even the fact we had to take out the window to get it in dented my excitement. Of course the down side is I want to sit on it as much as possible and the excercise regime is a wee bit neglected. I decided if I wasn't going to be GI Janeing I would focus on my diet and tonight I made no point veggie soup and a garlic butterbean dip.

Receipe for the dip:
8oz Butter Beans
200g v. low fat soft cream cheese
zest of one lemon
juice of half a lemon
two spring onions
one clove of garlic
half a handful of roughly chopped parsley (basil would work too)
salt and pepper.

roughly chop the spring onions and garlic and stick in a food processor with a smidge of the lemon juice. Pulse it a few times and add the rest of the ingredients except for the salt and pepper. Pulse until its at the consistency you like adding lemon juice if the mix is a bit too dry. Add salt and pepper to taste. Pulse some more. Pour into a pretty bowl and chill. Serve with a sprig of parsley on top and enjoy with no point veggies like carrots, cucumber, radish, celery, radishes etc. The dip itself is two points and yummy.

The soup is the ww soup but I like to add an oxo cube to beef it up* Also I like this soup smooth so my blender got another work out and to top it off I added a small can of ww beans for two points. Healthy comfort food.

This is my last Monday as a free woman. Next week I start college! Eeep. Anyone got any tips for juggling full time work with college? I'm starting to crap myself a little

*Did anyone elses mother give you an oxo cube as a treat? Whenever I mention this to people they look at me horrified as if I was abused. True the salt content was one billion times more then a six year old needs but it was and is a yummy treat.
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The BBQ was a success! Everyone really enjoyed themselves and I eventually kicked everyones very drunk asses out at 2am seeing as the next day was a work day. There was more then enough food having visited a meat shop the day before and happening on a bbq special day where you could buy many many different types of meat for twenty five euro. I still have a tray of cocktail sausages, a tray of hot and spicy wings and bbq flavour drumsticks left. I've put everything in the freezer though as I need to make up for the meatastic day with some much needed veggie meals. In honour of the fabbo Crowjoy I'm having soup as one of my meals every day this week. Yesterdays was minestrone. Today is a particular favourite, emerald soup. Its very simple. Half a bag of frozen spinach, a large lump of broccoli, half a head of cauliflower and a large potato in some veggie stock and whatever herbs you like (I like parsley and thyme). Cook until soft then whizz everything in the food processor. Add salt and pepper to taste. Its a really gorgeous vibrant fresh green colour. Best of all this makes 2-3 servings so you can freeze it. If you left out the potato this is a yummy no point soup for when you get sick of the tomato one.

I did have a little pang though. Most of my friends have partners and whenever they host bbqs/parties they tag team each other, one stays on grill duty while the other refills the glasses/cleans up. I did it alone. Its not like I was upset about it, just a little pang. I'm sure the more used to hosting I become the less I will feel the pang.

As all my friends pair up I feel the need to break out of being the third wheel. I need to do something for me. I've been feeling restless in myself drifting along with no purpose. I need to refocus my energy into something creative. I'm not talking about my usual must lose weight-must get fit routine. I need to nurture my mind like I nurture my body. But what though? Classes I think, perhaps in creative writing or cooking or french. I need to be something more then what I am, what my friends see me as (or what I perceive they see me as). I need to feel a passion for something again. I miss that y'know.
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Thank you, I wish you all were here to hug me too.

I went to work yesterday and told my boss. Being a cancer survivor* himself he understood a bit of whats been going on. He told me to take as much time off as I needed and gave me his cell number if I'm not going to be in so I don't have to go through the switch. He also offered to let me go home then and there if I wanted. I decided not to. I have a feeling that work is going to become a bit of a refuge for me. I was able to concentrate on the job and it helped shut my thoughts up. I told one other person in work who suspected but thats it. I don't think I want to tell everyone in work. They would be lovely about it of course but I couldn't handle people asking me how my Mam is every day. I told my four closest girlfriends and a neighbour who is friendly with Mam. It's harder telling people - it brings it all back plus you almost have to console them. Everyone but my boss has said stuff along the lines of "well they come up with new treatments everyday" etc etc. I then have to gently point out that yes they do however the cancer has spread quite a bit and because my Mam is so weak an aggressive treatment like chemo is probably not going to happen, thats its about making her happy and keeping her pain free for as long as possible. Thats when they realise that we aren't looking for a cure and the consoling part comes in. A part of me feels really guilty about that. The not looking for a cure. I know, its silly.

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Cos Im all bored and stuff Ive been catching up on blog reading. Some of my very favourite journals are food blogs. For your viewing pleasure I highly reccomend the following...

As a unashamed carnivore I have an endless fascination for vegans (in a non creepy way)and this blog is an eye opener as to how yummy (and easy it is to make) vegan food is.

Beautiful photos, mouthwatering foods. Shmoo is a lucky boy!

The only thing I hate about this blog is the fact I don't live near the yummy

If you like spicy foods you'll love this blog.

Bitchin in the kitchen. I love this blog. She reviews junk food amongst other things. Whats not to like!

Eating their way around Oz and writing about it.

ok so not a foodie blog as such but hes a waiter. And I love his writing style.


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