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I had such a fun day, a friend of a friend texted me inviting me to go to the bodies exhibition. I headed in to meet her encountering the latest protest along the way. The thing that struck me most about the exhibition was that although they are real human bodies how unsqeamish I was about it. It was presented in a easy to understand scientific way. The most disconcerting thing I found was that the flesh on the body reminded me a little too much of boiled ham in the colour and the fat perhaps due to the preserving process that is used. I don't think I will be able to look at that meat in the same way again!

Also important to me were the exhibits which showed samples of organs with cancer. It's hard to put into words and explain but I had this image in my mind of cancer. It's big and scary and horrible and even though I have googled cancer and seen images of it, seeing cancer in the flesh (literally) takes away some of the .... fear... I guess.. of it. There were cross sections of livers and lungs with cancer and it was just like I saw on my Mam's xrays, dark spots. A particularly effective exhibit was the one showing a smokers lungs compared to a non smokers lungs. I know there are some who read this who may smoke so I won't harp on about it. However beside the exhibit was a clear perspex box which encouraged people who may smoke to dispose of their cigarettes. It was half full. I saw a pancreas and was struck by how small it was. The pancreas is where my mam had her primary tumour and after seeing this small organ I was struck by how fine a balance our bodies need to maintain to stay healthy. My mams tumour was roughly an inch long. It's still hard for me to imagine something this small, this...insignificant in size is what made her so ill and ultimately led to her death. There were cancers of the penis, cancers of the trachea, all sorts of cancer and I think this was such an interesting thing to see, to take the fear out of it. I know some people may not agree but it helped me.

After the exhibition we went for food then to the movies. He's just not that into you. Surprisingly good. It didn't give the fairytale ending that I expect of movies like this but more like an ending which was right for each of the characters.

It was a fun day and I think I have me another single friend :)
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I hope everyone had a lovely new years eve, I know I did.

Theres nothing nicer then being around your closest friends, eating the yummiest food (for hours on end :)) and laughing so hard you need to run, RUN for the bathroom to pee. Ah the joys of getting older..

After our 3 course meal we decided to pace ourselves for the next course until after midnight. Therefore my first meal this year was cheeseboard! Nom nom nom. However now that the festivities are over I am looking forward to a few days of veg heavy eating and am looking for light meal suggestions if anyone can help? Much as I love soup I can only take so many days of it :)

So onto resoloutions, while I've never been one for them I figure its a good idea to give myself a general outline for how I would ideally like 2009 to pan out. So in no particular order

Laugh more
Do things that make me happy
Work on my friendships and let my guard down more with my oldest and most trusted ones.
Read more books (including the ones I've bought but haven't had the chance to yet)
Although a life resoloution I feel I should mention becoming healthier
Be open to new opportunities (I guess men and relationships fall under this)
Only let positive people into my life. I can be negative enough by myself thanks.
Get my finances tighter. I've never liked the word "frugal" but I want to become more finance/money conscious.

On the last one as of the first day of 2009 I am debt free. I paid the last of my cc debt today and have enough money in my account to pay off the last of my college fees tommorow. I'm thinking about closing my cc account altogether or maybe asking them to reduce my limit to the lowest limit they can. I've learned to my cost that if the money is on the card I will spend it regardless of the state of my finances at the time. Perhaps willpower should be on the list hmmm? I also need to figure out how to cancel my curves membership (they changed their opening and closing times and I can make the new times due to work)plus my gym membership (all I use it for is swimming and while its a gorgeous pool I don't go swimming often enough to justify it)

Anyways enough waffling from me I'm off to enjoymy beautiful new wii :)
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I would rent my kidneys to get some decent sleep (hello jetlag!) but alas other things call like fat club and seeing just how much a vacation in america will affect my weight. Meh was worth it.

Had such a great time and cackled out loud when I pulled the polyester dress out of the mess of clothes that is my unpacking. Oh yes I shall be getting more wear out of this in the future I think, sure halloween is just around the corner :)

Its starting to dawn on me that although I will always have a mother shaped void in my life, each and every one of the happies that has happened since she passed goes a little way in taking the sting out of the pain. She would want me to be happy, to go out and be all that I can be and last week I think she would have approved of. Hell I'm proud of me for going that distance by myself for not freaking out when the bus was delayed, when the plane spent nearly an hour on the runway etc etc. I'm also delighted to have met such wonderful people after talking online to most of them for the bones of 7 years!

Oh yes I also have a wee crush, nothing can and will come of it but its nice to feel that giddy feeling again. Its been a long time.

In summary. America woo!, meeting old and new friends yay!, crush giddy!, unpacking meh, lack of sleep EUGH.

**Edited to add after careful consideration I think I prefer the velveeta mac and cheese over the kraft one. Crazy foreigner :p


Dec. 17th, 2007 09:49 pm
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And buh bye college 07, last exam was tonight! I'm pretty sure I failed it as I answered one question completely wrong (as you do when you are told there are only 10 minutes left) but I am surprisingly alright about it because 1. We also had a project to do which can count for up to 30% of the marks so I'm hoping that will carry me over. 2. They do re-sits in summer. Having dropped out of college far too early to do exams I find this oddly comforting. No doubt its a major pain to actually have to do but we'll cross that bridge... No more college until 21st January. Whatever am I going to do with my Monday nights? Oh yes, spend even more time online with Dave :)


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