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I caved and bought the t-tapping dvd on amazon today, I must say I am quite addicted to it, it's relatively painless (after the first few times) and gives results. If only I didn't combine those results with chocolate :/. I also found a few cheapo 10-15 minute workout dvd's for fat blasting and dancing. Can't hurt and at home workout dvd's are great for me as I have no excuse not to do them. It amused me when I read the recommendations, they have me sussed!

Aparently I am all about

1. Star trek (enterprise, TOS and TNG only please none of that DS9 rubbish)
2. Rosemary Conley fitness dvd's and cookbooks
3. Dr Atkins (a short lived phase)
4. Grief, overcoming grief, coping with the loss of a parent etc
5. Erotic short stories (ooh la la, but a girl has needs :))

In other news I posted this on the OS but I deleted friendboy from my bookface page and MSN due to some rather hurtful comment he made last night. I have too much crap in my life that makes me feel bad anyways without adding yet more to it, so a few clicks and thats that. He has my number if he wants to get in touch but I doubt he will. He's one of these people who believe they are the rightest of the right and I doubt he would ever begin to fathom as to how to go about making an apology.

I called in sick today as the glands in my neck have swollen. I look like a frog. My throat isn't sore as such but it hurts to turn my head and I'm just so so tired. I did some studying over the weekend but not a whole lot and am kinda freaking out but its behind a haze of neurofen and hot tea. I'll try for an afternoon/evening nap and see how I feel when I wake up. Mmmmm sleep and tea...
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I didn't realise how stressed I've been until I handed my last report in on Monday. I got the best nights sleep last night and slept through my alarm this morning. I got through the day without the lightheaded tiredness thats been an all too regular occurence. The pain in my stomach has subsided somewhat. My skin has been the most evident in the stressness, it's breakout stingy senstitive and just all round ouchy. Hello cysty acne. Strong measures have been taken including a light coating of tea tree oil on my work phone and scraping my hair back from my face when at home. I can't quite bring myself to leave it scraped back at work since I can hide a lot of it with my fringe. So this week will be operations "Get to sleep at a decent hour so you don't feel like shite", "Make Yummy veggie soup" and "Clean skin=clear skin". Although my exams start on the 10th plan on taking the rest of the week off college work. Work have been quite generous about study leave which I will take around my exams but for now its all about getting myself back on an even keel.

Complete change of subject but what say yee on t-tapping? I'm intrigued by it and did a few excercises on the website, it looks deceptively easy. It isn't. However I'm impressed by the website and with the reviews I've read. I've been doing it for about a week now and while I'm still jiggly I feel stronger. Plus its a bonus that it takes up so little space. I'm contemplating buying the book and dvd...
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Cootie test came back clean. Yay! It's such a weight off my mind. I stocked up on condoms and found a rather handy space in my wallet I can wedge one into. Not saying I am going to get lucky (or want to) but it makes me feel more...responsible I guess to carry one around. Plus if my friends are in need well I can supply them :)

On to other things

Skin )

Oh and and and I got a bento box! Wheeeee! It was on sale and got a band thingy to put around it and some little containers. I can't wait to start creating pretty lunches!
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So the cootie test wasn't as bad as I thought. The nurse was lovely, very understanding and just the right side of humourous. The exam was grand she used a plastic thingy (tired, can't remember word)instead of a metal one which made a huge difference plus she got my vein on the first try. As a result I only have a little purple freckle of a bruise instead of a welty black one. The results should be all back in three weeks but if they find anything in the meantime they will send prescriptions out. I also have to drop a urine sample in tommorow (couldn't produce the goods doh)which I'm not looking forward to. Sigh my co-ordination for these things suck but it shall be done.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about the results but actually having gotten the test out of the way is a huge weight off my mind. It still sucked having to part with €150 mind you..
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Cuz I'm tired and have a cold that will not die I bring you a +/- post

+ Booked my STD test for Monday*
- It's €150!
+ If €150 buys me peace of mind its worth it I guess
- My local doc dosen't do STD tests
+ They will be offering free smear tests from the start of November though, yay!
- Am fairly sure I have a UTI
+ With the amount of cranberry juice I'm drinking I should get rid of my cold and UTI
- not really a fan of anything cranberry
+ Sip and See apologised for acting like a dick via email
+ I've deleted him from my IM list
- because it was bothering me that he was online and not IM'ing me
- still hurt
+ Am off this Friday and Monday
+ I plan on indulging in an early night on thursday and an early start on friday
+ Possibly taking in the art museum
+ More likely cleaning the house and my bedroom
+ Still I won't be in work!
- Yeah works not going too great at the moment
+ BFF is moving home, her BF starts work here in October
+ He's nice in small doses but a tad arrogant
- He dosen't know anyone here
- Therefore I am expecting to see him any time I invite her around
+ Not looking forward to her well meaning but pointed questions about my love life
- Am bored with my blah hairstyle
- Fringe is growing out and looks most odd
- Haven't seen any other hairstyle I like. Any hair ideas for those of us with baby fine flat hair? Not too short...
- Spent a small fortune on music
+ Love my new purchases

*It was surprisingly hard to find privacy during my day to day life to book this, after all it's not something you can do at your desk if you want to keep it private. Nor on the streets. They weren't open late so evening book when I was home was a no no. I solved this by going back to our old deserted spooky office building (card still works mwhaha)and booking there while trying not to trip over random debris. Fun times!


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