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Busy busy busy busy. I have one more trip to make tonight to a friends to drop off her xmas present, then I will be in hibernation house mode. Speaking of the house it desperately needs to be cleaned. In that annoying way that men of my dad's generation are it generally falls on me to do the brunt of the housework. I don't really mind, true enough its not on my scale of fun things to do but there is a certain sense of satisfaction that surveying all the clean space around me brings. However this cleaning lark dropped off since I started studying for my exams a few weeks ago and having social engagements every night since they ended (yes been out every night for two weeks, yes am exhausted, yes have reached end of sociable tether)means that I am rather horrified as I survey the piles of rubble and rubbish where there used to be clean floor. In fairness to him he cleaned the kitchen and his tv room and it looks great but he's been off work since last friday, it would have been nice if the cleaning extended into the hall or indeed the landing.

On top of this I couldn't find nice flowers for my Mam's grave so instead bought bunches of holly, leaf twiggy things with red berries and pussy willow in a moment of madness thinking "I can make a wreath/arrangement". Clearly I must have been on crack while thinking this, my fingers are so black they have almost fallen off and I have never done a flower arrangement in my life not to mention the whole lack of time thing. I bought some florists wire and this other gold wire stuff so hopefully I should be able to cobble something together that dosen't look like a deranged three year old did it. Hey does tinsel go funky outside? I was thinking of winding some tinsel around the dodgey bits (you know there will be dodgey bits) but am wondering if it will look ok when it rains?

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Ok off to friends, pick up some redbull on the way home then attempt to build a wreath. You have no idea how tempting my bed is right now....
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I would rent my kidneys to get some decent sleep (hello jetlag!) but alas other things call like fat club and seeing just how much a vacation in america will affect my weight. Meh was worth it.

Had such a great time and cackled out loud when I pulled the polyester dress out of the mess of clothes that is my unpacking. Oh yes I shall be getting more wear out of this in the future I think, sure halloween is just around the corner :)

Its starting to dawn on me that although I will always have a mother shaped void in my life, each and every one of the happies that has happened since she passed goes a little way in taking the sting out of the pain. She would want me to be happy, to go out and be all that I can be and last week I think she would have approved of. Hell I'm proud of me for going that distance by myself for not freaking out when the bus was delayed, when the plane spent nearly an hour on the runway etc etc. I'm also delighted to have met such wonderful people after talking online to most of them for the bones of 7 years!

Oh yes I also have a wee crush, nothing can and will come of it but its nice to feel that giddy feeling again. Its been a long time.

In summary. America woo!, meeting old and new friends yay!, crush giddy!, unpacking meh, lack of sleep EUGH.

**Edited to add after careful consideration I think I prefer the velveeta mac and cheese over the kraft one. Crazy foreigner :p


Aug. 19th, 2008 06:44 am
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Ah two buses and a plane later I'm home! Its currently 6.40am GMT so about 1.40am over there? I've beat my travel record and spent a total of 18 hours travel I think. Was worth it though Will post my photos later when my camera battery has recharged, off to bed now


Aug. 10th, 2008 01:26 pm
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Yowza so the countdown for crowfest is on! What better time for things to go wrong. I spent most of yesterday in casulty with my Dad. His face has swollen up hugely on one side to the point that his speech is slurred and it looks like he's been given a black eye. After a six hour wait (apparently Saturday's are popular for all sorts of accidents)he was seen by the Docs. They think its a problem with his teeth. He hasn't been to the dentist in over 15 years and the doc said he could see a huge hole in one of them. He thinks air and bacteria have gotten in, which has caused infection in his gum which has spread. He's been prescribed some powerful antibiotics and was told if the swelling hasn't gone down by tuesday he will have have to be admitted to hospital for iv antibiotics. Tuesday of course is the day I fly out. Thankfully it looks like the swelling is starting to go down. The doc said once the swelling is gone he has to get to the dentist. My Dad is more phobic then I am about dentists. I have a feeling I am going to be racking up quite the phone bill when in NY nagging him about booking an appointment. I am also mindful of the fact a lot of heart problems are caused by dodgey teeth and gums. When you take into account he is on heart medication anyways its pretty worrying.

He is adament I'm going to NY though, actually got quite annoyed when I broached the subject about flying out later on in the week. I know he's a fully grown adult but I can't help worrying. I've never seen him sick sick. He's in a fair amount of pain but refuses to take pain meds and is feeling understandabley self concious about the way he looks. So lucky me has had to run all his errands as well as my own. Its all cutting into cleaning and packing time but there's no point in worrying. I've taken the stance that everything will unfold the way its meant to (well its a better strategy then getting stressed and snappy).

One good thing to focus on I changed my euros into dollars on Friday, not to nitpick but the 20 dollar bills are teeny compared to a 20 euro note!
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Thank you very much for the nice words in the last post. I am so relieved that this year is over and I don't have to resit any exams. I was mailing with a classmate and he failed one exam this semester by 2% and one last semester by 5% so he has to do resit's in august. He's dreading it poor guy. Cue emails of support from the rest of the class so hopefully he's feeling better and encouraged.

I spent this weekend on me. Which was great but there are boring bu nessecery things I should have done this weekend. Namely cleaning my room as there is some electrician guy coming to look at the broken plug socket in my room on tuesday. Sigh, its a mess but hopefully I will get the worst of it done tommorow night. It was a fun weekend though and I feel much more relaxed then I did from being on vacation.

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Just got back today from Tenerife. Thank the freaking fuck. I don't know what was wrong with me but I just didn't get into the holiday mood. When we orignally booked it two weeks ago I was looking forward to a bit of sun, a lot of drink and just general relaxing. When we got there after a three hour delay in Dublin I just wanted to unpack, get something to eat and fall into bed. Against my better judgement I went drinking all night. There was five of us on hols. Myself P, N and two of N's friends M and C. Myself and P shared an apartment and the other three had one to themselves. Right away I could tell P was going to be a lot of work. She is a nice girl but she likes to believe everything revolves around her and gets very very obnoxious when drunk. She got drunk a lot.

On the second day I had had enough and took off by myself to visit the town and get a little shopping in. Those four hours were the most relaxing of the holiday. I got back and P is drunk at the pool bar being loud and letting everyone know her opinion on just how fab she is. I got the key, went up and got changed and found a spot by the pool to chill and read. P decides she wants to go to the room. She walked right by me and didn't see me waving (in denial about needing glasses). I went back to my book and about five minutes later I heard my name being shrieked. The whole pool heard my name being shrieked. I ran up the stairs thinking something was wrong but P is talking to our next door neighbour about how I won't answer the door?!. I amble up behind her and asked her why she was shouting. She tries to make me look like the bad guy in front of the neighbour saying that I didn't tell her I was going back to the pool. I refuse to get into an argument and just opened the door. After thanking the neighbour profusely (I never did figure out why) she followed me in and said he was a dj at a local bar and we were going there that night.

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