Oct. 26th, 2008 04:04 pm
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Gnaaaah!I posted a while ago about a particular bookface aquaintence who seemed to pick which US politician she would vote for (if she was american that is) based solely on their gender. She was pro Clinton until Obama got the nomination now she's pro McCain/Palin cuz Palin has a ladygarden. Yeaaah.

Sooo logging on to bookface today I find an email from her. I posted a message of support on a mutual bookfaces page expressing support for a very difficult situation she is going through. Without going into details this friend is facing a difficult choice involving a surprise pregnancy. Aquaintence emailed me chastising me for saying I would support whatever she would do. Apparently I should have instead "gently encouraged" her to basically keep the baby. WTF?!?! Putting aside for the moment Ireland's draconian anti abortion laws (which is a whole other rant) this mutual friend has her head very firmly screwed on her shoulders most of the time but like me makes poor choices in men and is now unfortunately paying the price. I know her enough to know she would never consider flying to another country to have an invasive and emotionally wrenching procedure performed on her simply as another method of birth control. Aquaintence signed off her email to me saying she was going for pray for mutual friend and for me that I may help her make the "right" decision.

I am livid. I have not replied to her yet simply because I don't trust myself to scrawl FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU all over the mail. I instead joined a legalise abortion in ireland group on bookface and will compose a hopefully calmer response to her email later.



Dec. 9th, 2007 02:40 pm
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So most people are looking forward to christmas. Good for them. I'm not. This year I have decided not to participate in the the great christmas swindle. Think about it...

The average Irish person spends €514 just on christmas presents, This is before the food shopping, drink shopping, clothes shopping, decoration shopping etc. For a family of three (as we were last year) we spent roughly €200 quid on food shopping, €80 quid on drink and €45 on decorations. Being the responsible person that I am I went half with my folks on this. So I spent about €400 on presents plus €100 on food, €40 on drink and €23 on decorations. In total last christmas I spent the bones of €600 quid on a holiday I am not particularly keen on. This year with a family of two things are going to be different. No christmas decorations. Beef for dinner (why must you have turkey AND ham for christmas, who invented this?). The same amount of alcohol or perhaps more (god knows we'll need it) and presents only for those who gave me presents last christmas.

Thats right only those who took the time to buy me shit will get any shit this year. Materialistic? Perhaps. I am sick of buying the token boxes of chocolates for the relatives you only see at christmas to give to them. In return you get a crappy card which is made on rice paper due to it being bought off a charity (help the three legged dogs in bangladesh no doubt). Another thing, cards. If you are not going to buy me a present but instead write something meaningful on a card, don't write "thinking of you, your first christmas without your mother". Do you want me to come over just to bitch slap you? You probably do mean well but I am all out of understanding and turning the other cheek this year. Did you think I forgot it's the first christmas? Hmmm there's a strange mother shaped hole in my life, I wonder where she could possibly be? Oh yeah - The Cancer. D'oh!

On the card thing, don't try and guilt me into writing back to you. If I haven't been in touch with you all year theres probably a good reason. Putting your phone number in the card while writing a comment to the effect of "I guess you've had other things on your plate" is not going to make me write back to you. Your card will go the same place all the other cards go which have annoyed me - the bin. You don't like it? You shouldn't have written to me. You'll get over it though and find someone else to guilt card.

On the grub, I find it sickening the sheer amount of food that is bought just for one day. The shops will close for two days at the most over the christmas holiday. 48 hours. Why then do people buy enough food to last them until febuary? They have to use two trollies just to lug the food out to the car. They fold the back seat down in order to accomodate the multitude of plastic bags. Somewhere under there there might be a kid or a dog but who knows? The food comes first. They rationalise it by saying "what if someone calls in". Odd's are if they do its because they've bought as much shit as you have and are looking to escape from their bulging cupboards.

You might notice I'll be glossing over the alcohol. You can never have too much alcohol to numb the feelings.

This year my father and I seem to have become very popular to have over for christmas dinner. I wonder why? I mean we've always had our christmas dinner at home. Why would we change this set up now? Although my family is one less this year its still a family. Plus the alcohol is at home. If we go elsewhere for dinner one of us will have to drive which means one of us will have to stay sober. Uh uh. Not happening. Thanks but no.

Rant one is over. Stay tuned for my thoughts on new year!


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