Sep. 3rd, 2008 08:46 pm
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2.5 pounds up?!?!? Are you fucking with me?!?! Stupid cranky body, I will walk and excercise you into submission, mwhaha you will regret disobeying me ohhh yessss.....
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I don't post very much about my weight loss efforts. To me it dosen't make very interesting reading, its basically eat less move more said in several different ways. It is working though. Slowly but surely. We talked about veggies in last week class or more specifically how often we manage to get our five a day. I decided to do a little experiment and have a few non meat days. It's gone pretty well bar a few bits and pieces and my last non meat day is tommorow before class on wednesday. It makes four out of seven days without meat. I have found though that I crave carbs more when I am on a non meat day. Its strange because usually I'm not a huge fan of bread, rice etc. I like them but eat a normal size portion often leaving some. On non meat days though especially the first two I could feel my mouth watering when a colleauge tucked into her toast. I've found upping my protein curbs this. So I have been tucking into pulses and grains. I just make a yummy salad for tommorow. Am posting it so I don't forget it!

Asian type salad:

one carrot peeled
one spring onion/shallot
handful of mangetout
handful of broccoli florets
small tin chickpeas

Soy Sauce
Balsamic and white wine vinegar
chilli flakes
sesame oil
seasme seeds
teaspoon sugar
half a lime juiced

Add the broccoli and mangetout to boiling water and cook for 1.5 mins. When this is up plunge them into icy cold water. While they are cooling drain your chickpeas, peel and grate your carrot and finely slice your spring onion including the green bits. Add everything to a decent sized bowl. Combine dressing ingredients in another bowl and whisk until smooth. Pour over the veggies and mix well. Let stand preferabely overnight. Give a quick stir at some point.

Yeah its not real specific I know. The dressing is very much to your own taste. I like mine quite sweet but those of a more savoury palate could maybe omit the sugar? For the garlic and ginger I cheat and have those squeezey tubes. I also like the sweet sour undertone of the balsamic vinegar but if you have rice vinegar it would probably work even better.

It ticks all the boxes though. Four portions of veggies and a decent serving of protein in the chickpeas. Yum :)
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So bridezilla is pregnant, yay! I am genuinely happy for her. But. You knew there was a but didn't you? C and her husband A have known about this for 6 weeks. About 6 weeks longer then anyone else. They found out when bridezilla and her husband invited them for dinner for their one month wedding anniversary. A double date if you will. Lately I have felt rather excluded from my closest friends. Excluded, as I am but one and they are two. It makes sense that bridezilla told C and A after all they are parents to an adorable 3 year old and asked bridezilla and her husband to be guardians of her in case anything ever happened to them. I on the other hand have never had a baby or been pregnant. I'm not particularly good with kids (short term yes, long term I just don't have the patience) I said a multitude of reasons why they knew first. Still though it dosen't take away the ouch of exclusion. Sigh. I can't really say anything because I understand why they kept the news til the all clear 12 week marker as she has miscarried before. Build a bridge fluff, build a bridge.

Met N (the boy who I posted the v. long IM conversation with a while back)on Saturday. I'm so glad we are just friends now. He really is a bit bitter towards people of the female persuasion. I wonder if he ever thought of me in the same way he thinks of his most recent ex? In a nutshell she told him she just wasn't that interested (in a nicer way) and a not so nice IM conversation ensued where she basically told him to fuck off because of some rather nasty things he said. Still though he is amusing as a friend and at times quite sweet.

I also met up with a bongo buddy later on which was fun (;-)). Its tricky, I'm quite happy on my own but miss the bongo's that go with relationships. I know having a steady bongo buddy usually ends badly for me as I get too attached. However this one is unlike all others. We were not friends before we played bongos. We keep contact to a bare minimum except when arranging said bongos. Afterwards we do not stay in contact unless to organise another meeting. Its working and I'm happy. For now. From the brief snippets he's told me I know there is no way he could commit to a monogomous relationship which does help.

Throat is feeling a lot better but now have horrible bone shaking cough. It dosen't hurt my throat when I cough but my chest muscles are starting to hurt from the sheer force of the coughs. Its not getting any better so back to the docs on Wednesday. Sigh. Still though it is curbing the appetite somewhat so should be beneficial for cult on Wednesday night ;)

Oooh off to a very swanky thing soon. Looking forward to it!
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So I went to see SATC tonight. It was...well it was not what I was expecting. Everything was there, the girls, the fashion, the banter, the one liners and yet still it wasn't quite them. It felt like a lite version which it probably was considering it was on the big screen and the censor aspect to it. One character I was impressed with was Charlotte. While they still showed her as the somewhat prissy wasp they also showed her protective streak and to that BRAVO! I won't go into more detail as I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it but the overall impression is underwhelmed. What I did enjoy though was going to see it by myself. It's been a while since I've taken myself out on a date and I really am going to try and do it more. While I love my friends, this holiday has had me crying out for me time. Sharing a tiny apartment was tough for someone so used to doing her own thing and I am (again) so happy to be done with that.

Another good thing was my weigh in, being ill has it's benefits. For the first time in a long time I am starting to feel a hip bone without having to poke and prod. So goals for next week:

Get to bed at a reasonable time.
Get in at least 3 sessions of curves.
Get 30 min's excercise each day (curves counts)
Wear my pedometer as much as I can (love it)
Take my lunch to work.
Point all my food.

Oh and exam results should be out next week, yay!

Yes thats all there is, g'night!
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Phew this social butterfly thing is hard work. Rather then ramble on I thought I'd present specific thoughts.

I finally had the dough to book NY (BABY)but just as I was about to click "confirm flight" I noticed a little sign saying people travelling to the states must have a machine readable passport. Hmph. My passport is up next year and I'm pretty damn sure seeing as it's nearly ten years old it's not. Luckily I work oppisote the passport office so will head in there early next week to check it out. I will not let a mere passport glitch stop me from attending Crowfest! Especially not since I saw the flyer plus the post saying the world's sexiest antartic scientist was attending. Whee!

I'm pretty much over the annoyance of failing the exam. Thats what re-sits are for I guess. Am feeling quite uninspired about the whole education thing at the moment. Classes this semester are Accountancy, Organisational Behaviour and IT Skills. The latter subjects are of supreme annoyance to me. Organisational behaviour seems to be intent on boring me to death with management structures, random experiments to see how employees re act to various surroundings and general shite. Very makey uppy. IT skills goes over the very very very basics of various windows applications, for example the difference between excel and word. For our last assignment we had to set up a folder. Hardcore! While not all of our class are office workers and will therefore find this course of use, the majority don't. We as a class are baffled as to why this class was not held in the first semester when we had to do two projects and a power point presentation. Sigh.

Am seeing a boy. It's early days but I quite like him. We met on a dating website, a fact most of my rl friends seem to find odd. No odder then meeting someone in a bar I think. On our third date we took things the next level ahem! We saw each other last night for our fourth date and all was good, both of us were tired though after somewhat trying days in work, so I was home in bed by 11pm. I'm leaving it to him to organise the next date. He's a fussy person (not nesseceraily a bad thing) and both of us want to take things slow so I think its a good idea to have time out and a bit of space between dates. Am happy with that portion of my life. :)

Eh and not so happy about this portion. I fell off the SF wagon on my birthday week and have been having severe trouble getting back on it. I had lost about 12 pounds but have 4 back on. I think I may have to concede defeat, finish the last of my SF and perhaps go back to the cult. Plus when we were taking things to the next level I was quite concious of how large I was compared to the rather compact boy. It didn't help we were in a single bed. He didn't seem to have any complaints however I can't let go of the self conciousness of being nekkid in front of someone.

Stay tuned for more fun snippets!!

Oh and shout out to the pupster who I am VERY proud of!
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Feeling tired but worthy of it. Went to my second session of curves today and really enjoyed it. I love the fact it's only 30 minutes. Last night was my assessment and first workout and it was very thorough which surprised me. When I joined the gym they didn't go that in depth but this was all paperwork upon paperwork, getting weighed, measured, height recorded, goals set etc etc. It certainly impressed me. Plus the trainer/circuit coach actually took the time to have a chat and ask me really why I wanted to do this programme. She said the stock responses were always to be healthier/to fit into smaller sizes/to be skinny but that very often there was one moment that pushed women into thinking I *have* to do something about that. I explained to her about my Mam and the fact the type of cancer she had is linked to being overweight and the main reason I am doing this is because I want to live past 59. This is my long term goal.

My short term goal is Greece.

My friends (yes those of the birthday rant) are going and they are all in weightwatchers and all they do is talk about points and receipes and meetings etc. When I was going I was the same but now that I'm not I don't really want to hear about it. I appreciate the fact ww has helped a lot of people but I'm not one of them. When the emails started again today I sent a short mail asking to be taken off the replies as I had work to do. Snippy perhaps but oh well. I haven't told anyone bar the internet that I'm doing curves.

The first reason is I want to keep it for myself. I know if I told S she would want to come and as much as I like her, we spent all our working hours together and at the end of the day I like a break from everyone. I work far enough away from this curves to ensure I won't run into anyone I know.

The second reason is rather more petty. With all the chatter of ww and how we must all go shopping for bikinis before we go to greece (hells no, I will be doing that by myself) I simply want to show up at the wedding looking stunning. One friend in particular is extremely competetive in all things including weightloss. When we first went to weightwatchers together she would sulk if I had lost more then her. Not that she would admit it mind, she would say in response to me asking her why she was so quiet "oh its just a headache" or "I'm just tired" yet mysteriously when she had lost more she was all smiles and full of chatter about the ww week ahead. I'll come straight out and say it, I want to look better then her. Ahem. Perhaps I am a wee bit competetive myself :)


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