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I didn't realise how stressed I've been until I handed my last report in on Monday. I got the best nights sleep last night and slept through my alarm this morning. I got through the day without the lightheaded tiredness thats been an all too regular occurence. The pain in my stomach has subsided somewhat. My skin has been the most evident in the stressness, it's breakout stingy senstitive and just all round ouchy. Hello cysty acne. Strong measures have been taken including a light coating of tea tree oil on my work phone and scraping my hair back from my face when at home. I can't quite bring myself to leave it scraped back at work since I can hide a lot of it with my fringe. So this week will be operations "Get to sleep at a decent hour so you don't feel like shite", "Make Yummy veggie soup" and "Clean skin=clear skin". Although my exams start on the 10th plan on taking the rest of the week off college work. Work have been quite generous about study leave which I will take around my exams but for now its all about getting myself back on an even keel.

Complete change of subject but what say yee on t-tapping? I'm intrigued by it and did a few excercises on the website, it looks deceptively easy. It isn't. However I'm impressed by the website and with the reviews I've read. I've been doing it for about a week now and while I'm still jiggly I feel stronger. Plus its a bonus that it takes up so little space. I'm contemplating buying the book and dvd...
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Phew this social butterfly thing is hard work. Rather then ramble on I thought I'd present specific thoughts.

I finally had the dough to book NY (BABY)but just as I was about to click "confirm flight" I noticed a little sign saying people travelling to the states must have a machine readable passport. Hmph. My passport is up next year and I'm pretty damn sure seeing as it's nearly ten years old it's not. Luckily I work oppisote the passport office so will head in there early next week to check it out. I will not let a mere passport glitch stop me from attending Crowfest! Especially not since I saw the flyer plus the post saying the world's sexiest antartic scientist was attending. Whee!

I'm pretty much over the annoyance of failing the exam. Thats what re-sits are for I guess. Am feeling quite uninspired about the whole education thing at the moment. Classes this semester are Accountancy, Organisational Behaviour and IT Skills. The latter subjects are of supreme annoyance to me. Organisational behaviour seems to be intent on boring me to death with management structures, random experiments to see how employees re act to various surroundings and general shite. Very makey uppy. IT skills goes over the very very very basics of various windows applications, for example the difference between excel and word. For our last assignment we had to set up a folder. Hardcore! While not all of our class are office workers and will therefore find this course of use, the majority don't. We as a class are baffled as to why this class was not held in the first semester when we had to do two projects and a power point presentation. Sigh.

Am seeing a boy. It's early days but I quite like him. We met on a dating website, a fact most of my rl friends seem to find odd. No odder then meeting someone in a bar I think. On our third date we took things the next level ahem! We saw each other last night for our fourth date and all was good, both of us were tired though after somewhat trying days in work, so I was home in bed by 11pm. I'm leaving it to him to organise the next date. He's a fussy person (not nesseceraily a bad thing) and both of us want to take things slow so I think its a good idea to have time out and a bit of space between dates. Am happy with that portion of my life. :)

Eh and not so happy about this portion. I fell off the SF wagon on my birthday week and have been having severe trouble getting back on it. I had lost about 12 pounds but have 4 back on. I think I may have to concede defeat, finish the last of my SF and perhaps go back to the cult. Plus when we were taking things to the next level I was quite concious of how large I was compared to the rather compact boy. It didn't help we were in a single bed. He didn't seem to have any complaints however I can't let go of the self conciousness of being nekkid in front of someone.

Stay tuned for more fun snippets!!

Oh and shout out to the pupster who I am VERY proud of!


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