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Y'know I'm so nervous about this new job. I feel like everything is moving so quickly. Today I gave my offical notice in the form of a to the point letter. Evil boss wasn't there so gave it to boy boss who passed it on to her. Since then she hasn't said one word to me.

Last Thursday after my second round of interviews the hr man rang and said he was looking for my references. It was so soon after the interview I hadn't prepared and blurted out the name on my old manager and old sub manager. My old manager (now a v. senior manager in the company) said she had no problem doing it once I mentioned it to boy boss. I could understand where she's coming from - she dosen't want to be stepping on evil bosses toes by saying what a wonderful employee I was when evil boss clearly dosen't think that. Sub manager had no problem either but wanted to meet first and discuss a "plan of action". She's a dithery person by nature and I know she wouldn't say anything until then. However hr man wanted to get the references asap so I rang back and gave the name of my other old boss. Both gave me fab reference and on Friday hr man rang to say I had been successful.

As evil boss was going home she stopped by my desk and said boy boss had told her I had gone for a job in the other place. I said yes and hr man rang an hour ago to tell me had been successful and so would be handing in my offical notice on Monday. She said well done etc and then said "just one thing". I looked at her questionly and she asked how come I hadn't given her or boy boss as my references. I immediately thought "because I hate you" but managed to come up with some less offensive answers like the fact she had been on a half day yesterday and boy boos was in a meeting for the rest of the afternoon and I wouldn't give their names without asking them firt. A pretty good response don't you think? She then went on to say she was "disappointed" and "hurt" I hadn't asked her. To which I replied ummmmm. Then the phone started ringing I turned to answer it and when I got off the call she was gone.

So I guess the cold war is on. It reaffirms that even if everything goes tits up in the new job I'm still glad to be leaving a toxic enviroment. I'm bitter but glad. Another girl left last thursday. She, unlike me was beloved by evil boss who organised a luncheon in her honour on her credit card. Plus a very nice platinum necklace from a swanky jewellers. I know nothing like that will happen for my leaving, in spite of the fact I've been there for five years and not ten monthes like former co worker. From my other co workers yes most definitely even some of my former co workers have been in touch congratulating me. It hurts though that my current bosses leaving present may be a half eaten bag of crisps.

Still though Friday marks the end of work for two weeks. Relaxation beckons and hopefully some of the bitterness and inadequecy may dissapear. I hope to come back stronger for my last week of work in a positive mindset and with a stronger will not to let things like evil bosses get under my skin.
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It was a tough day today. We had a meeting with the palliative care nurse and a social worker. Both were wonderful and able to answer all our questions. Dad is going back tommorow to meet with them again. So far it's been the subordinates, the people who have to go check with their bosses who have been the most helpful. The bosses on the other hand...not so much. When Dad had taken Mam down to have her cigarette I spoke to the social worker and when I had finished up with her I was a little upset. Not at her rather what we were discussing like how when Mam deteriorates more she might need someone to help her wash and dress etc. Its brings home just how little time she might have left y'know.

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Mar. 20th, 2007 10:22 pm
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Top three things not to say when visiting a hospital.

3. (to me) Your skin has really broken out are you stressed?

2. (To my Mom) You look tired.

1. (To me and Dad but thankfully he wasn't paying attention) I know a solicitor who offers a really good rate on wills.

WTF? I normally only 'share' about the crazies on Dad's side of the family but Mam's side may overtake them for the crazy trophy. The worst thing is they really don't understand how inappropriate some of their statements where. They like to think of themselves as blunt but theres a few other words I could think of. RUDE FUCKERS might be some...
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Thank you, I wish you all were here to hug me too.

I went to work yesterday and told my boss. Being a cancer survivor* himself he understood a bit of whats been going on. He told me to take as much time off as I needed and gave me his cell number if I'm not going to be in so I don't have to go through the switch. He also offered to let me go home then and there if I wanted. I decided not to. I have a feeling that work is going to become a bit of a refuge for me. I was able to concentrate on the job and it helped shut my thoughts up. I told one other person in work who suspected but thats it. I don't think I want to tell everyone in work. They would be lovely about it of course but I couldn't handle people asking me how my Mam is every day. I told my four closest girlfriends and a neighbour who is friendly with Mam. It's harder telling people - it brings it all back plus you almost have to console them. Everyone but my boss has said stuff along the lines of "well they come up with new treatments everyday" etc etc. I then have to gently point out that yes they do however the cancer has spread quite a bit and because my Mam is so weak an aggressive treatment like chemo is probably not going to happen, thats its about making her happy and keeping her pain free for as long as possible. Thats when they realise that we aren't looking for a cure and the consoling part comes in. A part of me feels really guilty about that. The not looking for a cure. I know, its silly.

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Annnd here I be navel gazing again. Even Im sick of it now. It seems to be me making the moves and well.. I want to have moves made on me. However my rational side of my brain kicks in and says well now in fairness youve only know him since xmas eve (school dosent count I think)so whoa betsy! Then the non rational sides beats that thought back down with "but hes sooo cute and a great kisser and he makes me laugh and and and..." Seriously though I need to calm down or he will be running away.

Back at work tommorrow which is mweh. The only reason Im not too bothered is that I have two weeks off at the end of january and Im off to Barcelona for the weekend of my bday (the dreaded quarter century)plus Im off next Wednesday and I have a house party to go to new years eve. Friends rock.


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