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So I read the news about Patrick Swayze and while I feel terrible for him and his family and hope with all my heart there is a happy ending I can't help but feel pancreatic cancer is finally, finally being shown for the agressive, life sucking, terrible disease that it is. The cloth of mystery has been thrown off and due to a high profile actor this cancer is being seen for what it is. I posted an entry last year after my mother had been given her diagnosis. I remember when the doctor broke the news thinking, surely chemotherapy might cure her. I'm grimly chuckling in my head how naive I was. Most times this cancer is not detected early enough because the pancreas are located so deep in the body. Problems only arise when patients complain of secondary illnesses. By then the cancer has usually spread to other organs and treatment is that much harder, more aggressive and ultimately less successful.

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So turns out the reality show in the netherlands is a big hoax. The terminally ill woman is actually a healthy actress and although the three participants are in genuine need of a kidney they were all in on the hoax too. The producers (incidentally the same crowd who make big brother) say this was a ploy to highlight the need for more people to carry a donor card. So all well and good its a hoax, yay you got us but still, the whole thing is leaving a bit of a sour aftertaste in my mouth.

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First off have you's heard about that reality show in the netherlands? Apparently a terminally ill woman will choose who is the recepient of her kidneys. The choice is between three people and the viewing audience will also play a part in choosing who is the "lucky" receipient via text vote. This is a new low in bad taste. The production company says this programme is to highlight the lack of organ donors but that's bullshit in my opinion. The non existant ethics have been raised in the netherlands parliment and with the EU. Just ugh. How are you supposed to choose something like that? Its effectively just picking who lives and who dies. Last time I checked this was not the roman empire and the tv audience was not ceaser giving the thumbs down. Just ugh.

Now back to the topic at hand.

We had the "talk". He was lovely about it which just made me feel worse. I explained how I wasn't ready to get into a relationship and I didn't want the responsibility of trying to make him happy. He said he understood completely and was cool with it. We've agreed to stay in touch and he's off on vacation on Thursday so thats something for him to look forward to. Its a relief for me not to have this on my mind anymore. I'm just sad that this wasn't meant to be. More later when I sort my thoughts.


May. 20th, 2007 10:32 am
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Jane Tomlinson has been accused of faking her cancer. Shes received abusive phone calls. I cannot get over how evil some people are. She's raised so much money for cancer research, is an inspiration for people who are battling cancer and is willing to talk about her own disease to raise awareness and this is how shes been rewarded? Disgusting.
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They are going to let her travel to the uk for an abortion. I wouldn't say its a happy outcome but I think it is the right one. A woman should have the choice to choose wheter or not to carry a pregnancy to term. Particularly in a case like this where the baby would have not have survived after being born. I hope she manages to get some peace and recover from this ordeal.
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This is what pisses me off about this country. Where the hell do the HSE get off not letting her leave the country?! The only thing standing in her way is her age. I could understand maybe if the baby had a shot at surviving. Where is the logic in makig her go through a traumatic pregnancy/labour knowing all she's going to get at the end of it is a dead baby?


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