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Sooo I went to the dentist for the first time in seven years. And completely freaked out, I think I may have had my first panic attack. Sweats, uncontrollable shaking, crying and unable to catch my breath. Not fun. What should have been a routine checkup and cleaning took an hour and a half while the poor dentist tried to talk me off the ledge. It got done eventually and the bad news is I need six fillings. Annnd the dentist is away on holidays now so at the end of june I have 3 appointments a week apart for two fillings a go. Even thinking about it makes me feel sick. The dentist advised me to ask my doctor to prescribe valium. The lovely doctor gave me a rather generous prescription so I'm all set there. Would it be wrong of me to take a pill before the appointments just to check how I feel on it? Dentist was saying if the valium dosen't help the next course would be an iv anasthetic which he can't perform. So off to the dental hospital. Its like all my dental nightmares compressed into one building! Oh god.

Its my own fault of course. If I had of just sucked it up and gone for my twiced a year appointments this might never have happened. My teeth are screwed. Dentist managed to freak me out further by advising me to avoid any "hard" foods as two of my teeth have huge holes and they might shatter. Slightly hyperventilating now. I don't know why I have such a phobia about this, to my recollection I haven't had any hideous experiances with dentists unless the huge scary needles count. I just hate feeling trapped in that chair, the high pitched whine of the drill, the grinding sound in my head as it meets tooth and the feeling I might gag and gag and gag some more. *shudder*

In happier news am off to greece tommorow! Lets hope my teeth don't shatter :-(


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