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Just got back today from Tenerife. Thank the freaking fuck. I don't know what was wrong with me but I just didn't get into the holiday mood. When we orignally booked it two weeks ago I was looking forward to a bit of sun, a lot of drink and just general relaxing. When we got there after a three hour delay in Dublin I just wanted to unpack, get something to eat and fall into bed. Against my better judgement I went drinking all night. There was five of us on hols. Myself P, N and two of N's friends M and C. Myself and P shared an apartment and the other three had one to themselves. Right away I could tell P was going to be a lot of work. She is a nice girl but she likes to believe everything revolves around her and gets very very obnoxious when drunk. She got drunk a lot.

On the second day I had had enough and took off by myself to visit the town and get a little shopping in. Those four hours were the most relaxing of the holiday. I got back and P is drunk at the pool bar being loud and letting everyone know her opinion on just how fab she is. I got the key, went up and got changed and found a spot by the pool to chill and read. P decides she wants to go to the room. She walked right by me and didn't see me waving (in denial about needing glasses). I went back to my book and about five minutes later I heard my name being shrieked. The whole pool heard my name being shrieked. I ran up the stairs thinking something was wrong but P is talking to our next door neighbour about how I won't answer the door?!. I amble up behind her and asked her why she was shouting. She tries to make me look like the bad guy in front of the neighbour saying that I didn't tell her I was going back to the pool. I refuse to get into an argument and just opened the door. After thanking the neighbour profusely (I never did figure out why) she followed me in and said he was a dj at a local bar and we were going there that night.

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