Jan. 12th, 2009


Jan. 12th, 2009 10:59 pm
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Just a wee note on my last entry, I'm not anti kid far from it, just trying to find my place amongst the new changes :)

And now the long overdue +/- entry cos I is tired and lazy.

+ I love this weather, just above freezing so no ice but pleasently bitter, I love how a blast of cold air wakes me up in the morning plus I can excercise harder outside without breaking into a sweat.
- Excercising outside dosen't happen much this time of year because its always dark and I am a wuss.
+ I am however sticking to my excercise dvds and rather enjoying them
- I went seriously over my ww point the last two nights, weigh in is on Wednesday so am hoping to claw it back by then
+ Am quite liking the new plan, not hugely different but I love the filofax thingy.
+/- my birthday is coming up
+ I have more vacation days to take this year so I booked two days off around my bday. Yay long weekend!
- Am in college one of the nights
- On the day of my birthday I have a smear test. Joy. Am trying to get it reschedualed but since word got around they are now free the world and their mammy seem to want one so its tricky.
+ But hey free smear tests can only be a good thing right?
+ I got coloured contact lenses and am dying to try them out.
- One of my usual daily contacts split in half when I was trying to take it out, I managed to fish one bit out but theother was stuck in my eye all night until fished out at the emergency opticians appointment the next day.
+ The appointment was free and the optician was lovely
- Am a bit nervous about putting contacts in again
+/- Am debating taking out a short term loan to get my eyes lasiked. A friend of mine had it done and it has changed her life. Am v impressed with the quality of care she received too.
- I really need to get a new mattress, my back is screwed and every so often I get stabbed in the leg by an errant spring.
- There are mattress sales on but still they are out of my budget
+ There are also clothes sales on and I scored myself some rather nice bargains dresswise.
+ Yay friends!


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