Jan. 28th, 2009

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My birthday was low key and lovely just the way I wanted it. Woke up had a nummy brekkie (hot cross buns with *real* butter) then off to Mam's grave with a friend. We talked a little about how I felt about visiting (long story short I like going up there to clear my mind but I don't nessercerily feel like *she* is there) and then home and into town to meet best friend for a day of shopping in this new huge shopping mall. It was so much fun just to spend time with her without any interruptions. I picked up a few things (new trainers, waistcoat and puuuurdy black bra) and then we had lunch in TGI's, where friend only slightly begrudged me a ultimate sized cocktail (she was driving :-)). More shopping then home to go to line dancing.

Except traffic was terrible. I rang both the friends I was going line dancing with to say I would probably be delayed and to go in without me that I would be there. One friend is fine about it the other a wee bit stressed (she had never met my other friend before plus she has a bit of anxiety about going new places/trying new things by herself). I reassured her and asked friend number 1 to look out for her. They meet and ring me to tell me the place where the line dancing is supposed to be on is in darkness and was I sure it was on. I was assured by one of the girls in my weightwatchers class last week that it was on, they tried all the doors to the hall and the place was in complete darkness so I guess she was wrong.

I apologised profusely to them both but they both seemed fine. I met up with friend number two when I got home and we watched dvd's and played some wii fit (where according to the poxy thing I had put on 0.7kg and wanted to know why. "Kiss my obese ass its my birthday" was not an option strangely) and chilled out. Friend went home, I watched some more dvd's and finally went to bed. Bliss.


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