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Silly question but if everyone in the world was to turn vegan what would we do with all the cows/pigs/sheep etc.? I mean they're a little too big to keep as house pets.....

Oh I passed my latest round of exams, woot! 3 down and one more lot to go before I get my diploma. Still puzzling over whether or not to do the degree. Still no closer to making a decision.

I miss friendboy, I know I was the one who deleted him as a friend on bookface/msn after the whole "your stupid" thing but I miss his sarcastic wit and his kind hearted but inept ways at cheering me up. Maybe it's male company I miss?

Speaking of male company I heard from Al he of ex fiance fame. He gave up the chef career and now has a BA in English and is teaching part time. He plans on emigrating to Bangkok in 2.5 months to teach English. Craziness. He asked me to meet for coffee and a chat but I'm on the fence on this, I don't really feel as if there is anything for me to gain by doing this.

Manchild (he of the age difference) is emigrating to Oz in April so I guess there goes the whole someone crushing on me. A little boo but if this is what he wants then I'm happy for him.

A very belated happy birthday to the lovely crowjoy, I know you'll rock 41 just as much as you did 40, knowing you probably more :-)


Jan. 20th, 2009 09:56 pm
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Oh what a wonderful day for America!

I am worried about Teddy K though :(

Although superficial I preferred the vice prez's wife outfit to the first lady, not a fan of the colour nor the texture (did it remind anyone else of sofa material?) plus I love the whole winter/boots look.

Can't wait to see the balls gowns (if I don't fall asleep in the meantime :()

Reminder to self, do a post on my slightly eccentric co-workers!


Dec. 9th, 2008 07:33 pm
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Grrrrrr can't view the SNL skits on NBC anymore because "the clip you selected isn't available from your location. Please select another clip". Sometimes it sucks living on the other side of the pond....
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I should really be in bed. I should really have had a more productive day then I did. Shoulda coulda woulda I guess. Anyways a +/- post because I should really have done a proper one :)

Read )

Oh and a random request, I read a while ago about how different areas of the face correspond to different parts of the body. For example your chin area corresponds to your digestive tract. Basically the gist is if you have lots of acne/boils/ flaky skin etc on one area of your face you should look at the part of the body it relates to and try and improve that. I can't for the life of me remember where I saw it and google is throwing up nada. Has anyone else heard of this?
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So the cootie test wasn't as bad as I thought. The nurse was lovely, very understanding and just the right side of humourous. The exam was grand she used a plastic thingy (tired, can't remember word)instead of a metal one which made a huge difference plus she got my vein on the first try. As a result I only have a little purple freckle of a bruise instead of a welty black one. The results should be all back in three weeks but if they find anything in the meantime they will send prescriptions out. I also have to drop a urine sample in tommorow (couldn't produce the goods doh)which I'm not looking forward to. Sigh my co-ordination for these things suck but it shall be done.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about the results but actually having gotten the test out of the way is a huge weight off my mind. It still sucked having to part with €150 mind you..


Oct. 5th, 2008 12:40 am
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Watching one of those 25 best musical shows and grease is number one. Grr I used to love that movie until I became older and realised what a crappy message it gave to young girls. Want a guy to like you? Change everything about yourself, wear slutty clothes and smoke. *Haaaates*

Although it cheered me up when I realised my new hairstyle looks remarkably like CZJ's Velma in Chicago :)
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Just back from evening with friend who always manages to cheer me up no matter how down I am. Once again she came through. I don't know exactly what it is about her, although she is high-larious and has a wicked sense of humor I think its more the aura about her. She just radiates calm and good humor. She wasn't always like this, before she became a born again christian she was confused and ill at ease with everyone including herself. Then "the change" happened and now she is this wonderful creature. I myself am not hugely religious and have no plans to be but I love love love the person she has become through finding her faith. Bravo Miss C!

So we went for coffee then a spot of shopping. She talked me into buying a fedora, something I've always wanted but could never justify. Now to get the gumption to wear it outside. We also found me the perfect black dress for work plus really comfy grey suede sock boots and then when waiting to pay I spotted these fabulous gloves. Seriously if ever I wear to become crafty I would make these and they would sell like hotcakes. They come in two parts, the plain black gloves part and then like a leg warmer but for your arms with a hole to put your thumb through. They are perfect and keep my wrists and arms v. cosy.

In other news I plan on getting my hair chopped tommorow. Its in really bad condition all split endy and rough. Plus because my hair is so fine if it gets too long then it ends up just looking flat and meh. I plan on a cut similar to this but a little shorter at the back. I also have black hair and a fringe and plan on keeping those. In reality it will look nothing like her hair as mine has loads of layers but its a good shape to aim for. I'm looking forward to it.

This is going to be a good time off for me.
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Cuz I'm tired and have a cold that will not die I bring you a +/- post

+ Booked my STD test for Monday*
- It's €150!
+ If €150 buys me peace of mind its worth it I guess
- My local doc dosen't do STD tests
+ They will be offering free smear tests from the start of November though, yay!
- Am fairly sure I have a UTI
+ With the amount of cranberry juice I'm drinking I should get rid of my cold and UTI
- not really a fan of anything cranberry
+ Sip and See apologised for acting like a dick via email
+ I've deleted him from my IM list
- because it was bothering me that he was online and not IM'ing me
- still hurt
+ Am off this Friday and Monday
+ I plan on indulging in an early night on thursday and an early start on friday
+ Possibly taking in the art museum
+ More likely cleaning the house and my bedroom
+ Still I won't be in work!
- Yeah works not going too great at the moment
+ BFF is moving home, her BF starts work here in October
+ He's nice in small doses but a tad arrogant
- He dosen't know anyone here
- Therefore I am expecting to see him any time I invite her around
+ Not looking forward to her well meaning but pointed questions about my love life
- Am bored with my blah hairstyle
- Fringe is growing out and looks most odd
- Haven't seen any other hairstyle I like. Any hair ideas for those of us with baby fine flat hair? Not too short...
- Spent a small fortune on music
+ Love my new purchases

*It was surprisingly hard to find privacy during my day to day life to book this, after all it's not something you can do at your desk if you want to keep it private. Nor on the streets. They weren't open late so evening book when I was home was a no no. I solved this by going back to our old deserted spooky office building (card still works mwhaha)and booking there while trying not to trip over random debris. Fun times!
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I like cookery shows. Whats not to like? Its a treat for the eyes without paying for it on the waist. However I often wonder if this is the prime goal of these shows. I can't imagine ever actually making anything from these shows. Getting ideas yes. Before the invention of the internets though who actually spent their time furiously scribbling down recipes as whatever perky chef assured their viewers that this recipe couldn't be simpler.

They do that a lot even now don't they? This recipe couldn't be simpler. All you need is evaporated milk, kaffir lime leaves, chinese clear honey, the womb of a virgin...etc. I often wonder if on a Sunday morning the chefs on tv would recoil in horror if they saw me in my hungover state deciding what to eat for breakfast. Blearily gazing into the fridge through fingermarked glass lenses, wanting something salty, sweet and fattening and ultimately deciding streaky hickory smoked bacon fried until crisp followed by a bar of cadburys finest is the breakfast of champions.

Ho Hum back to the cookery shows....
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My friend C is known for her honesty. Sometimes its appreciated. Sometimes not. This evening was more of the former. We were talking about past loves, relationships etc when she mentioned she thought I was in a not so healthy cycle. Bascially, I meet a guy, we click, we jump into bed. The next day we are witty. Phonecalls and texts ensue. Maybe a few more dates. I become too interested. He backs off. I am sad. I get tired of men and drop out of the dating game until some guy sparks my interest and it all starts again.

To be honest I'm not sure what to do about breaking the cycle. Hold off jumping into bed? I've done that before believe it or not and it still ended up the same way. I have also tried not coming across as too interested. Still it ends the same way. Right now I am in the too interested, backing off, sad and dropping out of the dating game phase. Yes yes its to do with bongo buddy. Sigh. I've caught myself thinking about him. In a romantic context. Which is not good when all we are to each other is bongos. He most definitely is not looking for more.

So guess is back to dropping out of the dating game again...this time I'm not so much sad as weary. Of the whole damn thing. Men. Who needs them?
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When I saw the piss take of the ideological v gynecological twin on the daily show I laughed heartily. Never did I think that anyone would support palin just because she was a woman. Enter an aquaintence on bookface. This person was all gung ho for Hil and when Obama got the nomination she was full of messages about how Hil was robbed ROBBED of the nomination. Enter Palin. Now all of a sudden she is joining the palin/mccain groups on bookface. I was confused thinking because she was a staunch Hil fan she obviously supported the dems so I mailed her. I got a rather terse message back saying it dosen't matter who's team shes on the most important thing was getting a woman in the whitehouse and shattering the glass ceiling Hil spoke of. Uh huh. Nevermind she and I are both irish and have no say whatsover in voting etc. I am just stunned that anyone would support someone based on their sex and nothing else. This aquaintence is a rather odd fish anyways, there are other things that I won't go into but I'm just wondering how many other people out there are doing the same thing? To annoy her I joined a group against palin. Petty yes, immature yes but c'mon now!

Stayed in a hotel last night with bongo buddy and it was luverly. Nothing nicer then spending a lazy weekend in bed with someone who has a similar mindset on these things :) Just back from a BBQ today which my friends threw. It was their 5th wedding anniversary yesterday. If anyone can make a convincing tale for marraige its them. They really do seem to complete each other. It made me happy and sad about bongo buddy, I'm glad I have someone in my life like him but I know not to expect anything more either which is a pity.

Off to the pics tonight to see the strangers. I don't usually like scary movies but the friend I'm going with is my movie buddy and we haven't seen each other in a while and this was the only film on at a time which suited both of us. No doubt I will be whimpering by the end of it :D
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Before I went away on holidays I contacted my cell phone provider and asked them about roaming and prices. I purchased a broadband add on and was told this should take care of most of my roaming costs when using the internet on my cell. Imagine my surprise (and horror) when I got my bill last Thursday with a grand total of €532.60. Add this to my college fees which are due (€782) and this was shaping up to be a pricey month.

I decided that this amount was simply ridiculous. I had expected a phone bill around €150 but no where in this price leauge. Cue an email of complaint to my provider on Friday. I had a quick glance at my notes taken at one of my classes which dealt with such things and managed to construct a fairly decent email. Strong but not bitchy, polite but not wishy washy. I received a response today stating the agent I spoke to should never had offered the broadband add on as it was incompatible with my price tariff and because of this oversight they would take care of the bill and next months line rentail. My new revised bill? €15. Oooh yeah education and a cranky nature pay!
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So bridezilla is pregnant, yay! I am genuinely happy for her. But. You knew there was a but didn't you? C and her husband A have known about this for 6 weeks. About 6 weeks longer then anyone else. They found out when bridezilla and her husband invited them for dinner for their one month wedding anniversary. A double date if you will. Lately I have felt rather excluded from my closest friends. Excluded, as I am but one and they are two. It makes sense that bridezilla told C and A after all they are parents to an adorable 3 year old and asked bridezilla and her husband to be guardians of her in case anything ever happened to them. I on the other hand have never had a baby or been pregnant. I'm not particularly good with kids (short term yes, long term I just don't have the patience) I said a multitude of reasons why they knew first. Still though it dosen't take away the ouch of exclusion. Sigh. I can't really say anything because I understand why they kept the news til the all clear 12 week marker as she has miscarried before. Build a bridge fluff, build a bridge.

Met N (the boy who I posted the v. long IM conversation with a while back)on Saturday. I'm so glad we are just friends now. He really is a bit bitter towards people of the female persuasion. I wonder if he ever thought of me in the same way he thinks of his most recent ex? In a nutshell she told him she just wasn't that interested (in a nicer way) and a not so nice IM conversation ensued where she basically told him to fuck off because of some rather nasty things he said. Still though he is amusing as a friend and at times quite sweet.

I also met up with a bongo buddy later on which was fun (;-)). Its tricky, I'm quite happy on my own but miss the bongo's that go with relationships. I know having a steady bongo buddy usually ends badly for me as I get too attached. However this one is unlike all others. We were not friends before we played bongos. We keep contact to a bare minimum except when arranging said bongos. Afterwards we do not stay in contact unless to organise another meeting. Its working and I'm happy. For now. From the brief snippets he's told me I know there is no way he could commit to a monogomous relationship which does help.

Throat is feeling a lot better but now have horrible bone shaking cough. It dosen't hurt my throat when I cough but my chest muscles are starting to hurt from the sheer force of the coughs. Its not getting any better so back to the docs on Wednesday. Sigh. Still though it is curbing the appetite somewhat so should be beneficial for cult on Wednesday night ;)

Oooh off to a very swanky thing soon. Looking forward to it!
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Well after my voice going all barry white (except sounding irish)I finally sucked it up and went to the docs. My cold has morphed into a throat infection. Cue a doctor approved sick day tommorow and lots of delicious antibiotics. Mmmmm prescribed meds.

In sadder news my neighbour passed away early this morning. She had the same cancer as my Mam. I haven't been to see the family yet, when I got home today all I wanted was my bed then when I woke up the road was jammed with cars from visitors to them. I figure they might like a little peace and quiet before the next lot descend upon them. It's so sad, neighbour was like the mom of the road. You know how you give a spare key to your neighbour so if you lock yourself out you don't have to mcguiver yourself through the window? She was the one who looked after all the keys on our road. She was the one waiting on our doorstep when we came home from the hospital after Mam passed. She was the one who brought a black tie for Dad when he discovered he didn't have any suitable ties for Mam's funeral. I hope it was a peaceful end like Mam's was. From the sounds of it her family where with her when she passed which is I'm sure of some small comfort to them.

I just saw Chi put up photos on her FB. Man I miss you guys! Also tiger print, perhaps not the most flattering material? :p
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I would rent my kidneys to get some decent sleep (hello jetlag!) but alas other things call like fat club and seeing just how much a vacation in america will affect my weight. Meh was worth it.

Had such a great time and cackled out loud when I pulled the polyester dress out of the mess of clothes that is my unpacking. Oh yes I shall be getting more wear out of this in the future I think, sure halloween is just around the corner :)

Its starting to dawn on me that although I will always have a mother shaped void in my life, each and every one of the happies that has happened since she passed goes a little way in taking the sting out of the pain. She would want me to be happy, to go out and be all that I can be and last week I think she would have approved of. Hell I'm proud of me for going that distance by myself for not freaking out when the bus was delayed, when the plane spent nearly an hour on the runway etc etc. I'm also delighted to have met such wonderful people after talking online to most of them for the bones of 7 years!

Oh yes I also have a wee crush, nothing can and will come of it but its nice to feel that giddy feeling again. Its been a long time.

In summary. America woo!, meeting old and new friends yay!, crush giddy!, unpacking meh, lack of sleep EUGH.

**Edited to add after careful consideration I think I prefer the velveeta mac and cheese over the kraft one. Crazy foreigner :p


Aug. 19th, 2008 06:44 am
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Ah two buses and a plane later I'm home! Its currently 6.40am GMT so about 1.40am over there? I've beat my travel record and spent a total of 18 hours travel I think. Was worth it though Will post my photos later when my camera battery has recharged, off to bed now
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Eee I can't believe this time tommorrow night I will be in NY! Probably getting mugged according to a friends slightly wacko mother. Why is it that men can travel by themselves but not women?

I digress though, right now its all about the packing and the ever growing haaaating of it. I have most of my clothes in but still need to pack toiletries and other bits and bobs. Miss CJ I may be taking you up on the laundery offer or if I get a chance will do a load in the hostel (where I will probably get raped according to wacko), there's machines in the basement and I am bringing travelwash for my unmentionables (read giganto granny pants).

I am slightly freaking out about my passport though, wacko said my passport needed to have six monthes left on it to travel to the states and it has five. I can't find anything about it on the airlines website so I'm hoping she once again is talking out of her ass. I did get her back nicely though when I told her I was going over to stay with my friends. Who I met on the internet, oh and did I mention they are in a committed same sex marraige? And that I've never actually met them in real life, and that there will be loads of other people there I've never met in real life either? Mwhahaha Baasheep 1 Wacko 0.

But really, yis aren't going to feed me to the hens are ya? :p


Aug. 10th, 2008 01:26 pm
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Yowza so the countdown for crowfest is on! What better time for things to go wrong. I spent most of yesterday in casulty with my Dad. His face has swollen up hugely on one side to the point that his speech is slurred and it looks like he's been given a black eye. After a six hour wait (apparently Saturday's are popular for all sorts of accidents)he was seen by the Docs. They think its a problem with his teeth. He hasn't been to the dentist in over 15 years and the doc said he could see a huge hole in one of them. He thinks air and bacteria have gotten in, which has caused infection in his gum which has spread. He's been prescribed some powerful antibiotics and was told if the swelling hasn't gone down by tuesday he will have have to be admitted to hospital for iv antibiotics. Tuesday of course is the day I fly out. Thankfully it looks like the swelling is starting to go down. The doc said once the swelling is gone he has to get to the dentist. My Dad is more phobic then I am about dentists. I have a feeling I am going to be racking up quite the phone bill when in NY nagging him about booking an appointment. I am also mindful of the fact a lot of heart problems are caused by dodgey teeth and gums. When you take into account he is on heart medication anyways its pretty worrying.

He is adament I'm going to NY though, actually got quite annoyed when I broached the subject about flying out later on in the week. I know he's a fully grown adult but I can't help worrying. I've never seen him sick sick. He's in a fair amount of pain but refuses to take pain meds and is feeling understandabley self concious about the way he looks. So lucky me has had to run all his errands as well as my own. Its all cutting into cleaning and packing time but there's no point in worrying. I've taken the stance that everything will unfold the way its meant to (well its a better strategy then getting stressed and snappy).

One good thing to focus on I changed my euros into dollars on Friday, not to nitpick but the 20 dollar bills are teeny compared to a 20 euro note!
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+ My job is safe!
+ Will be booking my plane tickets for NY/crowfest tommorow!!
- One of the girls in our section was made redundant
- Shes pretty devasted
+ The reason I haven't posted much was because my friend from London was home and we spent loads of time together,
+ Really fun impromptu BBQ on Sunday in other friends house
+ My driving licence came and I'm happy with the photo (no weight thingy on it thank jeebus)
+ I discovered my passport is in fact valid for NY
+/- I got the last of my fillings yesterday
+ I have such a lovely dentist, hes really reduced the phobia factor
- Teeth were seriously expensive so I will be on a really tight budget for NY
- No I mean REALLY tight!
- Was up five pounds in cult :( :( :(
+ Am determined to have my half stone gone before I step on that plane.
- Have been having a lot of stomach issues lately, especially were eating out is concerned
+ Its a good incentive to eat healthy low fat non greasy food
- still sucks though
+ Can't believe in 13 days I will be on my way to NY!


Jul. 22nd, 2008 09:36 pm
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I was going to post an update on the job situation but theres nothing to really post, we are still in limbo. It all kicks off tommorow but our head boss isn't in until thursday so it could well be I won't hear if I'm staying or going til early next week. Its frustrating to say the least. I mean its nice that head boss wants to be in the room when his people get told but it just draaags everything out and really now I just want to know one way or the other. Patience was never my strong point.

I have to get passport photos done for my driving licence (hey off topic is it true on american licences you have to state your weight?) so I figure I might just as well get another set done and update my passport in case I'm not let go. Sigh hopefully this time next week I should know for definite.


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