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I found a plus side of being sick, more time to surf the interwebs. What?! I have a fleecey blanket wrapped around me and am in my pj's its the new book people. Anyways speaking of books I have been devouring India Knights "The Thrifty Book". I can't get enough of it, its packed with humour, plus many many web addresses of crafty/money saving/recipe/beauty on a budget etc sites. I am slowly working my way through them. Plus she also makes a clear difference between mean people and thrifty people which I love. In the spirit of her book I have decided to try the crafty thing again. Now I am not a crafty by nature person. Think of me if you will as Chandler in friends. Remember that episode where he and Monica had to make each other valentines presents? And he bent a metal hanger and thoughtfully stared at it? Yeah thats me. Even my dear Mam admitted that I wasn't the crafty type after trying many (many) times to patiently teach me how to hem trousers. She was a professional seamstress before she married my Dad. She was a marvel at adjusting clothes etc. Clearly I do not take after her in this respect. I did try to hem a pair of trousers last week. It took me three hours and a brief crying fit after stabbing myself repeatedly with the needle (those fuckers hurt). They are hemmed I guess but don't look to close at them.

Anyway back to developing my lameo craftiness. I looked up a few crochet clips on you tube (I am so slow, before India pointed out that there are tons of free how to clips on you tube, the most I ever looked up on it was star trek fanatic music vids)and they seem very simple. Best of all they are free and I can play them over and over again til I take it in! I know how to do a basic knit stitch and so can knit a scarf, hopefully with my soon to be mad crochet skillz (ha!)I can cobble together a few blankets? You know where this is going don't you? Oh yeah I'm talking xmas gifts 09!!!! Ahem. Oh Oh plus I have found a fairly simple looking but impressive gift which even I can make (I think). When I was a kid I used to spend weekends at my Uncle and Aunts house. They are keen gardeners and their gardens are beeeeeautiful. Plus as if that isn't enough they also love the whole indoor plant thing. I remember they had this huge clear glass bottle/bowl/jug thing with a miniture garden inside it. I was fascinated by it, it was so fancy but you didn't have to do anything to it (my type of gardening). So while looking up xmas gift ideas I happened across this site: which tells you about slapping an oul plant in a bottle. This is genius, all I need to do is slap a ribbon on it and voila! A present that even my black fingers can manage.

Yeeeeees if I get started now I may have the cheapest (or thriftiest) xmas ever!
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You Are Brave and Cheeky
When You Are Comfortable:

You are a strong person. You're driven and assertive. Success is yours, as much as you want it.
People find you to be clever and spirited. You're a bit saucy too... delightfully so!

When You Are At Your Best:

You are a hard worker. You need security and stability in your life, even if that means putting in long hours.
People see you as solid and dependable. You are always able to see the good in situations. Other find this comforting.

When You Are in a Social Setting:

You are a determined and responsible. You strive for success, and you know what it takes to get things done.
People find you to be trustworthy and a good leader. You treat people well, and they benefit from your wisdom.

All accurate bar the last paragraph.

In other news I have caught the sick (it seems to be going around the interwebs, feel better crowfam and Rhub!) or if you want the technical term a chest and sinus infection according my my doctor. I've never had a sinus infection before, it feels like my forehead has filled up completley with snot and then a paving slab has been placed on top. It goes nicely witht he paving slab on my chest. Not. Bring on the my favourite sickie food, mashed potato with realy butter. Mmmm


Mar. 8th, 2009 11:05 pm
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So much to write about, very little of it of any real importance. Life has been rather grey hued of late. I find myself drifting through the days get up, go to work, go to lunch, come home from work, watch tv or read or walk and then go to bed. The only time this routine has been broken is on a Monday when I have college. We got our law assignments last week and to say I am baffled by it is a bit of an understatement. However I will cobble together something as I always do.

Being honest I don't mind the greyness, theres a certain comfort in routine, knowing whats next and accomplishing my daily tasks. The reason why I am writing about routine I suppose is there is another person who I am training on my job. She is all too eager to take over and get started and I am loath to let her. Petty I know but I love the particular job I do and hate her one (I briefly trained on it a few months ago so I know whats in store) and knowing that I will be doing this job for the next year makes me feel......defeated I suppose. I can understand the value in cross training but this particular girl (a close friend before this) knows how apprehensive I am about this change and seems to be taking this opportunity to get subtle jabs in (in that silkily bitchy way girls can be) about how when she takes over my job she will be making certain (supposedly beneficial) changes to it.

Personally I don't have any interest in my new job to think about making changes to it. I would never of course admit this to my boss. My frenemy knows this. I hate change. I always have. I try to look on thr bright side. Maybe I will find myself loving her job once I am fully trained on it and left to my own devices. Maybe. Maybe not. All I know is I need to take a definite step back from the frenemy before I snap at her.

My grey state is in danger of dissapating in a fit of emerald green jealousy and blood red fury..
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Mmmm pancake tuesday how do I love thee....

Although pancake has different meanings. A pancake to me is a deliciously light thin crispy at the edges piece of heaven, the object is to barely coat the surface of the frying pan with the lightest of batter. This does not make it a crepe!! A pancake to others is a more doughy cakey concoction. Some even buy those prepackaged just add milk/water and shake malarkies. No no no. I suppose its all about what you grew up eating, if you ate the doughy cake thing then of course its going to be preferable to my delicious version.

My preferred way of adorning my crispy piece of heaven is once you have flipped your pancake place three squares of fine quality chocolate (cadburys in a pinch)on one side then flip the other side over omlette style and place this deliciousness gently on a plate. Then to top it off pour golden syrup (not maple, much as I love it I feel it clashes with the chocolate gooeyness, if you want maple syrup may I suggest serving it alongside some fine quality vanilla ice cream with crushed pecan nuts sprinkled on top) on top of this and devour immediately (ha like your gonna wait). Owning to the decadence of this gorgeousness I can only manage two at a time before the sugar ehadache starts (and my arteries close) but I encourage you to try for lucky number three!

Which brings me to lent, now I usually give up something every year with the exception of 2007. So I put it to you, gentle lovely sweet nice reader what should I give up? Sweets, Chocolate, crisps, oxo cubes (sob) or somkething of your own making? I'll go with the majority (and will quite possible cuss you out here as the withdrawal symptoms kick in)

*Sweet cake in Irish, I don't like the bastardised Pancog!
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I had such a fun day, a friend of a friend texted me inviting me to go to the bodies exhibition. I headed in to meet her encountering the latest protest along the way. The thing that struck me most about the exhibition was that although they are real human bodies how unsqeamish I was about it. It was presented in a easy to understand scientific way. The most disconcerting thing I found was that the flesh on the body reminded me a little too much of boiled ham in the colour and the fat perhaps due to the preserving process that is used. I don't think I will be able to look at that meat in the same way again!

Also important to me were the exhibits which showed samples of organs with cancer. It's hard to put into words and explain but I had this image in my mind of cancer. It's big and scary and horrible and even though I have googled cancer and seen images of it, seeing cancer in the flesh (literally) takes away some of the .... fear... I guess.. of it. There were cross sections of livers and lungs with cancer and it was just like I saw on my Mam's xrays, dark spots. A particularly effective exhibit was the one showing a smokers lungs compared to a non smokers lungs. I know there are some who read this who may smoke so I won't harp on about it. However beside the exhibit was a clear perspex box which encouraged people who may smoke to dispose of their cigarettes. It was half full. I saw a pancreas and was struck by how small it was. The pancreas is where my mam had her primary tumour and after seeing this small organ I was struck by how fine a balance our bodies need to maintain to stay healthy. My mams tumour was roughly an inch long. It's still hard for me to imagine something this small, this...insignificant in size is what made her so ill and ultimately led to her death. There were cancers of the penis, cancers of the trachea, all sorts of cancer and I think this was such an interesting thing to see, to take the fear out of it. I know some people may not agree but it helped me.

After the exhibition we went for food then to the movies. He's just not that into you. Surprisingly good. It didn't give the fairytale ending that I expect of movies like this but more like an ending which was right for each of the characters.

It was a fun day and I think I have me another single friend :)


Feb. 14th, 2009 01:44 pm
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Happy Valentines day lovelies!

It may seem strange on valentines day but I've decided to stop trying to find Mr Right or Mr Right now. I've deleted my online dating account. I'm fine with this decision too.Its been coming for a while. It makes me a little sad when I see how wonderfully my friends partners treat them that I have no one in my life like that but I'm happy they've found their lobsters. As for me well unless Mr Wonderful walks up to me and declares his undying love I see myself remaining singularly wonderful for the time being.

Speaking of friends I'm off to the cinema with two of them in a hour being the third wheel on their date day :)
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"Fake it til you make it" is a often used saying. It's true for me in so far as I am not always the confident jokey person I come across nor the social butterfly my friends would like to think I am. Take tommorow night. Best friend and myselfs birthdays are about three weeks apart so we traditionally celebrate midway. This year it is her choice of location so we are dressing up and going for swanky cocktails in a fancypants hotel. While yes I am looking forward to dressing up and making myself all purdy, part of me is dreading the social interaction with strangers. See I'm not great with strangers. Sure I am polite and friendly but inside I am cringing. I put myself out there as I am supposed to do but I rarely feel comfortable. My friends however don't believe me on the rare occasions I do confess to this. I tell them my fake it til you make it mantra but they say if I was faking it they could tell as I would behave out of character. I don't let on that I've been following this mantra for years so my faking it behaviour is probably viewed as in character in their eyes. I have conciously tried to drop this mantra but the times I don't use it I feel I come across as rather....flat.

Sometimes I wonder if this character is more of a caricature. In social gatherings I am the one with the potty mouth, the sarcastic one and the one most likely to tell the dirty joke. All admirable traits I know (there's that sarcasm) but sometimes I wonder if I'm just behaving on cue rather like a dog who is taught to roll over with the flick of a palm. With men they tell me I'm easy to talk to because I'm funny and I seem interested in what they have to say. Why then is it men don't seem to want anything long term with me? The general consensus amongst the ones I've been intimate with is that I have lovely boobs and come to bed eyes. Is this all they see? A two dimensional cliched lifetime movie character? The times I do let my true feelings come through, that I like them, that I would like to get to know them better the look of dawning horror on their faces would be hilarious if it didn't hurt so fucking much. With that look I know the conversation will end one of two ways. 1. The "I'm not looking for anything serious but I think your really cool can we be friends" approach or 2. The verbal "I feel the same way" quickly followed by the never calling you again once he says he will. I can't decide which hurts more. I of course pretend everything is fine.

Showtime is tommorow and in my friends own words "theres no party without you". I guess I should be ready to perform.

**sadly not a post about the tv show which I loved.
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Silly question but if everyone in the world was to turn vegan what would we do with all the cows/pigs/sheep etc.? I mean they're a little too big to keep as house pets.....

Oh I passed my latest round of exams, woot! 3 down and one more lot to go before I get my diploma. Still puzzling over whether or not to do the degree. Still no closer to making a decision.

I miss friendboy, I know I was the one who deleted him as a friend on bookface/msn after the whole "your stupid" thing but I miss his sarcastic wit and his kind hearted but inept ways at cheering me up. Maybe it's male company I miss?

Speaking of male company I heard from Al he of ex fiance fame. He gave up the chef career and now has a BA in English and is teaching part time. He plans on emigrating to Bangkok in 2.5 months to teach English. Craziness. He asked me to meet for coffee and a chat but I'm on the fence on this, I don't really feel as if there is anything for me to gain by doing this.

Manchild (he of the age difference) is emigrating to Oz in April so I guess there goes the whole someone crushing on me. A little boo but if this is what he wants then I'm happy for him.

A very belated happy birthday to the lovely crowjoy, I know you'll rock 41 just as much as you did 40, knowing you probably more :-)
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My birthday was low key and lovely just the way I wanted it. Woke up had a nummy brekkie (hot cross buns with *real* butter) then off to Mam's grave with a friend. We talked a little about how I felt about visiting (long story short I like going up there to clear my mind but I don't nessercerily feel like *she* is there) and then home and into town to meet best friend for a day of shopping in this new huge shopping mall. It was so much fun just to spend time with her without any interruptions. I picked up a few things (new trainers, waistcoat and puuuurdy black bra) and then we had lunch in TGI's, where friend only slightly begrudged me a ultimate sized cocktail (she was driving :-)). More shopping then home to go to line dancing.

Except traffic was terrible. I rang both the friends I was going line dancing with to say I would probably be delayed and to go in without me that I would be there. One friend is fine about it the other a wee bit stressed (she had never met my other friend before plus she has a bit of anxiety about going new places/trying new things by herself). I reassured her and asked friend number 1 to look out for her. They meet and ring me to tell me the place where the line dancing is supposed to be on is in darkness and was I sure it was on. I was assured by one of the girls in my weightwatchers class last week that it was on, they tried all the doors to the hall and the place was in complete darkness so I guess she was wrong.

I apologised profusely to them both but they both seemed fine. I met up with friend number two when I got home and we watched dvd's and played some wii fit (where according to the poxy thing I had put on 0.7kg and wanted to know why. "Kiss my obese ass its my birthday" was not an option strangely) and chilled out. Friend went home, I watched some more dvd's and finally went to bed. Bliss.
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Bought the wii fit earlier on this week and I'm a bit meh about it.

Plus points: most of the games are fun and it does encourage you to keep at it by unlocking new games the longer you persist at it. Plus its good to see your actual progress on the graph thingys and the trainers if slightly bland are encouraging. You can password protect your mii and its weight if you don't want prying eyes to see. It also has a scoreboard after each game you do so those of a competitive nature have another incentive to stick with it.

Minus points. When I got weighed on it the first time it immediatly flicked to the obese end of the scale. Now I accept I'm overweight, fine even obese. However the fecking game then started shrieking in that whiny computery voice as if my fatness was crushing the inanimate wii board when it showed I was obese. Thaaaanks for that. Then my mii automatically expanded to reflect my wii weight i.e. My mii is now a round ball with little stumpy hands and feet sticking out the side. Then you come onto how much your clothes weigh. How in the fuck would I know? I don't weigh my clothes. So I guesstimated heavy? So already I know its not going to be an accurate reflection of my weight.

Still though its good to change up my routine and I plan to add it to my dvd workouts and walking.

In other wii news I actually finished a game, for the first time ever! I discovered my favourite genre, point and click mysteries/puzzles games. This one reminded me somewhat of "escape from the crimson room". This game was called "Secret files: operation tunguska". Thing that slightly irritated me was it was based in russia and all the main characters were russian yet all had american accents. That aside it was highly enjoyable.

Now I leave you with a rather funny story. I'm too tired to make it a pretty link but I reccomend reading it if you want a laugh :)

Goodbye 27!
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"That lady over there should be able to help you". "So 27 year old woman...yes next Monday is fine". Lady, Woman. I guess I really am grown up now. Those are two comments made about me in the past week. I'm reminded of the shiteous Britney song "not a girl, not yet a woman". I don't consider myself a girl but isn't woman someone you think of as in their late twenties? Oh riiiiiiiight....... In summary I don't feel my age and my skin is certainly under the impression it is a sulky teenager :-/. However next tuesday is my birthday pushing me even further into the later twenties mark. I've taken the day off (I think your birthday should automatically begiven to you as a free vacation day). I don't really know what to do with myself though. Sitting at home all day seems rather anti climatic. I know I'll be going up to Mam's grave but thats about it. What would you most like to do on you birthday? All ideas gratefully received :)

Barry O and his missus looked so pretty at the ball. The 1st american family. Mind you according to the press over in these parts he's one step away from breaking out the lapel shamrocks and learning how to recite our national anthem (in as gaelige no less). It annoys me that whenever a popular public figure is in the spotlight people begin scrambling to look for the irish connection. For Dubya you never heard of any irish ancestry yet for Obama people in Offaly where hanging out American and Irish flags and wondering if he would pay them a visit. C'mon people its something like his 4th grandfather was born in Ireland and emigrated to the states in the 1800's. He's not irish! Mind you it seems his irish cousins would like to meet him :eyeroll: I think people are determined to compare them to the last truely glamouros 1st family the kennedys hence the irish chat. In relation to any irish comedians making jokes about him there hasn't been anything of note so far. People simply like him too much. Even my beloved Daily Show seems to be grasping at straws (let the wheelchair cheney jokes go I beg of you) although my beloved Jon Stewart is doing his best. In summary I think once he fucks up comedians will leap on it (and fox news too). For now golden boy can do no wrong (biden on the other hand needs to not make impromptu jokes).


Jan. 19th, 2009 10:09 pm
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Last semester of college started tonight, the two subjects this term are introduction to business law and accounting 2. Law was really interesting, it was just an overview tonight (barristers v solicitors etc) but it kept my attention and I even managed to ask some semi relevant questions. Accounting I have always found difficult but the lecturer is loooovely, same guy we had last term for accounting 1. He explains the most basic obvious things without making you feel stupid. We are going to try covering the curriculum while bringing relevant balance sheets, analysis etc into it (in irish financial news one of our main banks has been taken over by the goverment after the ceo hid 100mil in loans which prompted the financial regulator to resign)to keep it interesting.

I am trying to think more long term on the college thing too as in do I want to go on and do the degree. I'm finding it tough at the moment only doing one evening a week but the degree is two evenings a week plus saturdays. For three to four years. On the plus side I'll probably have saved loads as I'll be too exhausted to have a social life. Sigh. Aside from the financial burden this degree will bring (work pay for the course only if I pass the exam and per semester so I have to pony up the money first which will mean taking out a loan)I'm not entirely sure I even want to stay in this line of work. I've been feeling pretty unsatisfied for a while now and while I don't dislike my job I am feeling very meh about it. However in this dwindling craptastic recession heading economy it seems like a really stupid idea to leave the job and the security it brings.

Sigh what to do what to do :/


Jan. 12th, 2009 10:59 pm
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Just a wee note on my last entry, I'm not anti kid far from it, just trying to find my place amongst the new changes :)

And now the long overdue +/- entry cos I is tired and lazy.

+ I love this weather, just above freezing so no ice but pleasently bitter, I love how a blast of cold air wakes me up in the morning plus I can excercise harder outside without breaking into a sweat.
- Excercising outside dosen't happen much this time of year because its always dark and I am a wuss.
+ I am however sticking to my excercise dvds and rather enjoying them
- I went seriously over my ww point the last two nights, weigh in is on Wednesday so am hoping to claw it back by then
+ Am quite liking the new plan, not hugely different but I love the filofax thingy.
+/- my birthday is coming up
+ I have more vacation days to take this year so I booked two days off around my bday. Yay long weekend!
- Am in college one of the nights
- On the day of my birthday I have a smear test. Joy. Am trying to get it reschedualed but since word got around they are now free the world and their mammy seem to want one so its tricky.
+ But hey free smear tests can only be a good thing right?
+ I got coloured contact lenses and am dying to try them out.
- One of my usual daily contacts split in half when I was trying to take it out, I managed to fish one bit out but theother was stuck in my eye all night until fished out at the emergency opticians appointment the next day.
+ The appointment was free and the optician was lovely
- Am a bit nervous about putting contacts in again
+/- Am debating taking out a short term loan to get my eyes lasiked. A friend of mine had it done and it has changed her life. Am v impressed with the quality of care she received too.
- I really need to get a new mattress, my back is screwed and every so often I get stabbed in the leg by an errant spring.
- There are mattress sales on but still they are out of my budget
+ There are also clothes sales on and I scored myself some rather nice bargains dresswise.
+ Yay friends!
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It came out of the blue. A former co-worker of mine who I look up to enormously and had a bit of a girl crush on when we worked together sent me an email. She asked about my christmas my new year and how my Dad was doing. Then she dropped the bombshell "I had a bit of a dry one cos guess what, I'm preggers!" My jaw dropped and I spent a good minute or so staring at the screen before I replied. You see she was always the one I looked up to as a singleton. Even when she got with her boyfriend and moved in with him she always retained that streak of independance, that hey why don't we try this salsa club it starts tonight at 8 in an email sent at 5 type of thing. I'm afraid she'll lose that and like so many of my friends who have met the one and/or have a baby have less and less time for her friends aka me. Sigh it's selfish I know the baby and their spouse should of course be their main priority. However it's tough out there as a singleton and my friendships really matter to me perhaps they are not reciprocated as I would hope but I am trying to understand and accept this.
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I hope everyone had a lovely new years eve, I know I did.

Theres nothing nicer then being around your closest friends, eating the yummiest food (for hours on end :)) and laughing so hard you need to run, RUN for the bathroom to pee. Ah the joys of getting older..

After our 3 course meal we decided to pace ourselves for the next course until after midnight. Therefore my first meal this year was cheeseboard! Nom nom nom. However now that the festivities are over I am looking forward to a few days of veg heavy eating and am looking for light meal suggestions if anyone can help? Much as I love soup I can only take so many days of it :)

So onto resoloutions, while I've never been one for them I figure its a good idea to give myself a general outline for how I would ideally like 2009 to pan out. So in no particular order

Laugh more
Do things that make me happy
Work on my friendships and let my guard down more with my oldest and most trusted ones.
Read more books (including the ones I've bought but haven't had the chance to yet)
Although a life resoloution I feel I should mention becoming healthier
Be open to new opportunities (I guess men and relationships fall under this)
Only let positive people into my life. I can be negative enough by myself thanks.
Get my finances tighter. I've never liked the word "frugal" but I want to become more finance/money conscious.

On the last one as of the first day of 2009 I am debt free. I paid the last of my cc debt today and have enough money in my account to pay off the last of my college fees tommorow. I'm thinking about closing my cc account altogether or maybe asking them to reduce my limit to the lowest limit they can. I've learned to my cost that if the money is on the card I will spend it regardless of the state of my finances at the time. Perhaps willpower should be on the list hmmm? I also need to figure out how to cancel my curves membership (they changed their opening and closing times and I can make the new times due to work)plus my gym membership (all I use it for is swimming and while its a gorgeous pool I don't go swimming often enough to justify it)

Anyways enough waffling from me I'm off to enjoymy beautiful new wii :)
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What a lovely xmas. Nothing too crazy or sociable but good food and catching up with dad were the high points of the day. Xmas presents were on the whole pretty good, some randoms (hello cutlery set?) but all in all just lovely. On the food front my ham once again turned out gorgeous. Boiled until cooked then glazed in the oven using my time honoured (3 xmasess old) glaze. We are finishing up the last of it today.

Today is my last day off and truth be told I'm really not looking forward to going back to work. I can't remember the last time I felt this rested. I haven't bothered with an alarm clock and am coming to the conclusion my natural sleep cycle is 12 hours give or take 20 mins. In the real world this won't work. I only get in at 6.30pm and would need to be in bed by 7. Still though maybe I could manage it one or two nights a week? The house is sparkling clean and I even bought a new hoover. Xmas seems to be the only time its really spring cleaned so I am basking in the prettyness while it lasts. I really shouldn't be moaning about time off, I'm in the next two days then have thursday and friday off. Like I said I could get used to having this time off :-)

I had some friends over last night. Myself C, E and her boyf J. After it was over I asked C "is it just me or have they become incredibly stingey?". Which she answered that yes they have. They said to us they were going to treat me an C to take out as our xmas present. Cool. So we decided what to get then they started hmming and hawing over money. C and I offered to pay but we were turned down. The bill came to 47.50 and they gave the delivery dude exactly 47.50. No tip. This is most definitely not cool in my book. I've had friends who have done the delivery boy thing and the wage is minimum. The tips they make go towards petrol seeing as the takeaway places won't subsidise them round here. I called the guy back and gave him 4 euro (10%ish right?) E and J got sniffy about this saying it was against their principles. Oooohkay. Dinner was eaten in silence. The mood picked up later but I felt like I was in the wrong even though I don't think I did anything wrong!

Rant )

Maybe I am being over sensitive and cranky about this I don't know. I do know if I was broke I would just say so and bring something non alcoholic if I couldn't afford vino etc. I most definitely wouldn't go scabbing off my friends constantly. I don't mind sharing a bottle of wine with friends because I know when I go to their houses the favour is always returned. With E and J though it never is. Ever. A lot of our friends have recognised this and almost all will be there on NYE so I hope E and J don't make it awkward if they "forget" to bring anything.

Rant over now to decide what to do as a starter for C's dinner. I'm thinking antipasto platter?
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So Friday was hang out at C's drinking fat frogs (mmmm) and get into a rather heated debate on politics(which I hate because everyone gets shouty and talks across each other grr). Manchild also came up in conversation. Manchild is an employee of C's husband who only lives down the road from them. I first met him when C's husband had a poker night and I was at my sarky best. Needless to say he got the impression I didn't like him. I was losing and I am a bad loser so I was sarky. Fast forward a few weeks and C's husbands work was having a wine tasting night for charidee. I was drunk, he was drunk and he blurted out that he thought I hated him. I slurrred noooo I jhust a bad looooser gave him a hug and wobbled off in the direction of the bar. We all ended up going back to C's house for more alkiehol until C called it a night. There was chit chat of the drunken kind with him and a lot of my friends all night. At the end of the night after saying my goodbyes I tottered towards the gate with manchild following close on hand. I went to say good night to him and he asked would I like him to get me a taxi. I said no that I only lived down the road. He then asked to walk me home. I said no thanks and proceeded to wobble off home. I was mulling over the way he said the words and his body language, (open, smiley, lots of eye contact, shifting from one foot to another, slightly too much in my personal space) and half wondered if that whole walking me home thing was a come on. I am out of practise at reading between the lines, in fact I wonder was I ever in practise?

Read )
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I caved and bought the t-tapping dvd on amazon today, I must say I am quite addicted to it, it's relatively painless (after the first few times) and gives results. If only I didn't combine those results with chocolate :/. I also found a few cheapo 10-15 minute workout dvd's for fat blasting and dancing. Can't hurt and at home workout dvd's are great for me as I have no excuse not to do them. It amused me when I read the recommendations, they have me sussed!

Aparently I am all about

1. Star trek (enterprise, TOS and TNG only please none of that DS9 rubbish)
2. Rosemary Conley fitness dvd's and cookbooks
3. Dr Atkins (a short lived phase)
4. Grief, overcoming grief, coping with the loss of a parent etc
5. Erotic short stories (ooh la la, but a girl has needs :))

In other news I posted this on the OS but I deleted friendboy from my bookface page and MSN due to some rather hurtful comment he made last night. I have too much crap in my life that makes me feel bad anyways without adding yet more to it, so a few clicks and thats that. He has my number if he wants to get in touch but I doubt he will. He's one of these people who believe they are the rightest of the right and I doubt he would ever begin to fathom as to how to go about making an apology.

I called in sick today as the glands in my neck have swollen. I look like a frog. My throat isn't sore as such but it hurts to turn my head and I'm just so so tired. I did some studying over the weekend but not a whole lot and am kinda freaking out but its behind a haze of neurofen and hot tea. I'll try for an afternoon/evening nap and see how I feel when I wake up. Mmmmm sleep and tea...
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What a week, first off my laptop charger died and I only managed to get it replaced today. So I've been managing to keep up with my bloggy friends on my iphone but its not really conducive to typing out replies.

It's been a tough week ending up with me making a rather large fuck up in work, one of many over the past few weeks and openly sobbing at my desk. Yeah professional. Bosslady took me into another room and I confessed how hard I've been finding the work/college balance. Exams are next week. I finish work and go to the college library where I stay til 9pm. I get home at ten get dinner and go to bed at 11. Where I can't sleep. Because I'm running over all the stuff I didn't get to study. I'm exhausted but don't want to turn to sleeping pills as they zombify me. I forced myself to take time off and have been to the cinema and hanging with friends but at the back of my mind I feel incredibly guilty for not studying. Bosslady told me to focus on college and shes going to try and take some of my work off me. Again I feel guilty because she has her own jobs to be doing and now some of mine.

I think it's more then just exams though, the past few weeks I have been feeling down. Blue. Sad. Tears are a daily occurence. I don't like this supposedly festive season. I don't want to get my friends down because they do. Its easy to put a smiley face on when they are around. Its when I'm alone I just feel empty. Empty and stressed. So not really empty I guess.

In other news friendboy (he of the wanting a bootie call) called me this morning to let me know he's now seeing someone. It's only been 10 days but its "intense". Ummmm ok I'm happy for him but I don't really need to hear how wonderful she makes him feel, how she tells him he's so much better then her last bf and isn't it great they only live 5 minutes away from each other so they can see each other all the time! Nor do I need to see the rapturous bookface status updates either.

Sigh I'm one big ball of negative lately, hopefully when the exams are over normal services will be resumed.
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So what say yee on re-gifting? Going through the pit that is my bedroom I found two gift sets of smelly body stuff and two bottles of perfume still in their plastic packaging. The perfume I'm pretty sure will be a hit but if the body stuff is from last christmas (I gave you my heeeeeart) will it still be ummmm fresh? I looked on the boxes but couldn't find any use by date? Last thing I want to do is give someone an allergic reaction by my cheapness!

Operation cheap gifts is progressing smoothly. With grim determination I scoured my favourite cheap clothes shop last night until I found four sets of pyjamas for under a tenner. For my four close girlfriends I have set limits of 20 quid. The last is at 60, she always makes an effort to get me something I like and when I asked her what she wanted was very practical in her response. Bravo.

We went shopping in the department store her aunt works in last night where there was a 20 percent sell on. With her presence we were also able to get a staff discount of 35%. Huzzah. I scoured two body gift sets, some makeup, a real leather bag and one of those thick black leather belts with three buckles on it all for under 70 euro. Score! Am quite liking this bargain shopping and her aunt said she is going to be in the shop on Sunday if I wanted to go along for more bargain hunting. We shall see how the cheap shopping goes this afternoon after my cheap haircut :)

x-posted from the other site. Would anyone have any ideas on the below? Pretty please?

Help! I would love to make my Dad a cake my Mam used to make him for his birthday on Monday. Only problem is she never acutally wrote it down. It was an upside down strawberry jam sponge cake she used to cook in the microwave in a plastic xmas pudding bowl. I've done afew searches online and all I can find is the recipe for a pineapple upside down cake. I've also asked my Mams sisters with no luck. My baking skillz aren't great so any and all help is very much appreciated!


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